Skull Keyfob & october bday purchase

  1. Ladies i just ordered the skull charm by calling coach. I heard it was on back order til september & unavailable well its october and i just ordered it. It its style number is 92269. It is $38! So that's my first purchase for my bday which is wednesday the 3rd! But i saw my bf admiring it so i could give it to him, hm.. maybe not???!! Anyways, that day i will recieve the tattersall wristlet(im a wristlet fiend, pics coming soon:heart:) at the coach store and on saturday im going to the outlet to hopefully get a blk signiture bag!!!!
  2. Happy bday! I love the skull! I still can't get it to come up on the drilldown,though.:nogood:
  3. Congrats!
  4. Happy Bday!!!! Mine is the 6th! Please post pics when you receive skull man!!!!
  5. happy birthday! congrats! I just ordered the skull and it got here about 30 minutes ago... see my avatar!!! :tup:
  6. LOVE that avatar :tup:
  7. omg it is so cute i can't wait i should get it friday yes i will def give you all a pic and of my other new coach items! oh happy bday october girls!