Skull coming back!

  1. So I was checking out products coming in soon and found out that the skull (charm that has been sold out for a while) is going to be relaunched by COACH as a keyfob!

    It's going to look just like the charm except it is going to be a keyfob instead.

    Apparently they are already available to order in JAX.

    Just thought you'd all like to know ;)
  2. :tup: YEAH!!!!
    That is Great news... I've been wanting one!!
  3. Do you know how much??
  4. double post, sorry.
  5. I already have mine. It came on Tuesday via Fed Ex. It's so cute! It was $38 plus shipping and tax

  6. Oh I like it!
  7. My cousin has been wanting one, thanks for the info:smile:
  8. Now another question! Modeling pics please, I'm thinking of getting one but want to see how it maybe "hangs".
  9. how do you attach it to your bag since its a keyfob instead of a charm? Will it work? yes, please model on your bag if you don't mind. I would love to see how it hangs... Its SO CUTE!!!!!! I really want one and I have a $45 credit. Perfect!
  10. I don't have it on a bag but I can put it on one at nap time (3 year old and 5 month old in the house). BBL with pics!

  11. Hee! That is so cute. Thank you in advance!
  12. Ladies get it now, before they sell out.
  13. I like it as a charm better, its easier to get it on your bag.
  14. I know you guys don't want to see my *still* post-partum butt modeling this so I got baby girl to do it. Of course, she really just wanted to use my bag as a teether but I got the best shot that I could.

    So, here is Amira with her coordinating Jolly Jill babylegs.

  15. ^^That is adorable (both baby and key chain...but the baby wins hands-down!) :smile: