Skull Charm?

  1. I have been looking for the skull charm everywhere. I've been to two Coach stores, and every Macy's and Lord & Taylor in my area. It seems impossible to find.

    Does anybody know where I can find it? :sad:
  2. it's sold out nationwide. You'd be lucky to find one on eBay but the last one sold for $76.
  3. I say call 800#, they'd know for sure.
  4. have and they said the same "sold out nationwide". They will tell you that maybe a couple stores show 3 or 4 in their inventory but believe me, I already called all of them..........SOLD OUT!!
  5. WOW it used to be online! I can't believe it sold out soo quickly!
  6. I found one in Tampa last week. Call the stores directly!!!!!
  7. I really wish I had bought this when I saw it on the website a couple months ago. It was just one of those things where I kept putting it off, thinking that it'd still be there when I was ready to buy it.

    Thanks for the help though. It's appreciated. :smile:
  8. They had some at Jax.....just called them today! Hurry!!
  9. shutup! I called so many stores yesterday........that makes me mad. Everyone told me, nope no more!

    Ok for reference, I called Copely, Boston; Dadeland, Florida; the Grove, NJ; Miami, Florida; Madison, NY and somewhere in Illinois.
  10. I called them last night and they told me no...........they suck!

    On phone with them right now and they said none available..........ANYWHERE!
  11. There seems to be no consistency with JAX. Seems you always get a different story depending on who you talk to! :confused1:
  12. No way! What a joke! I "just" ordered one for my daughter about an hour ago:confused1:
    Givem' heck.......I'd say keep calling. OY!
  13. I was just going to post a thread on this... because I'm wondering how high the one on eBay right now will go for.

    Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt... is it possible that JAX has gotten a few returns between yesterday and today?