Skull Charm??

  1. I went to the Coach store in the Short Hills Mall this am and they are sold out of the skull charm. I called the Coach headquarters and she said they are completely sold out everwhere and at this time they are not expecting any more shipments :crybaby:

    I really want one! Any ideas where I can find one??? There is one on eBay but there's still 3 days left on the auction and I imagine it's going to go way up or there is a sniper bid on it.

    Any advice?


    PS- I am so bummed about this that I don't know if I will use my coupon next week. :sad:
  2. Wow!
    That was fast!
    It was just on the website!
    Keep watching eBay and maybe a TPF member will have some news or see one at one of their local boutiques!
  3. I know! I just saw it online a day or two ago. I went to the Coach store this am (Short Hills Mall) and she said they were completely sold out! She called a few stores and no one had them. So I came home and called their headquarters and they are gone, gone, gone!

    I am so sad :crybaby:

    If anyone knows where to get one, PLEASE let me know. Thank you!!!

    I have to say though, this may seem dramatic but d#mn, I don't feel like buying anything now!
  4. yea just keep an eye out and have tPFer's keep na eye out too!! i'm glad i got mine at the last RAOK..its one of my fave Coach items!!!
  5. i will look for you the website doesnt have it anymore
  6. Same thing happend to me, I saw the Skull charm on the website on Friday I believe, called Coach on Sunday to order my new Carly Patchwork Hobo and they were Sold Out! :crybaby:
  7. Bumping......

  8. I would also call CS and ask them to track which store has it.
    They can do that. It works.
  9. I did ask them to track the stores and she told me they were sold out in every single store :sad:

    Thanks though!
  10. yeah I waited too long and missed out too :sad:
  11. aw, bummer. I had plans on getting that.
    I would hit eBay up now before everybody finds out that they are sold out.
  12. wow. that sux. i'll keep my eyes peeled regardless. i hope you get it
  13. I am going tomorrow to the boutique. If they have one I will pick it up for you!!!
  14. Wow it was just back on the website.
  15. Check Craigslist too. That is where I eventually found mine. Coach has been sold out for quite a while. They were put back on the website last week temporarily and it sounds like they all sold out again pretty quickly. Everyone wants one of these little boogers.