Skull charm?

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  1. Coach said these are all sold out! Does anyone know where I can get one? Can you believe there are none on ebay? Wish I hadn't waited 'cause now I really want one. :crybaby:

    Does anyone know the item number so I can try Jax? Thanks!
  2. 94055 is your item number.

  3. Thanks a bunch Kristan!:tup:
  4. None at Jax...they said it's discontinued. Waaaahh!:crybaby:

  5. Don't give up!!! It just may show up, keep looking. I'll also keep my eyes out for you.
  6. I'll keep my eye out at the outlet for you!
  7. I WANT ONE NOW TOO....darn waited too long
  8. i'll check my local boutique (i think i saw one there on Friday)

    i'll let you know / can probably get it for you if it's still there
  9. Our boutique sold out almost immediately. They were popular little suckers!
  10. I purchased it on April 20th from the Coach Boutique in San Francisco at 190 Post Street. Why don't you call them in the morning and see if they have any more. The telephone number there is 415-392-1772. Good Luck finding it. I will be on the lookout for it here in NYC.
  11. I'm going to the boutique tomorrow, so I'll check for you there too!
  12. I'm looking for one too. Before they took them off the website, it said that they would be back in stock on June 5th.....and then they were gone.:tdown:
  13. I'll keep an eye out too.
  14. Oh man! I was going to order one of those!! :crybaby:

    If any of you find an extra one at all, please let me know! I REALLY wanted one of them! :okay:
  15. Discontinued? Wow!

    I bought 2 when the first came out.

    I kept one and ended up selling one on Coach for about $2 profit :rolleyes: I wish I had waited to sell it. Im obviously an amature at selling on eBay. LOL!!!

    I hope you find one! I LOVE mine and always get stoped and asked where I got it!!