Skull Charm - Item #94055 - $38.00

  1. I ordered the skull charm Tuesday night and I didn't expect it till Monday, but FedEx loved me enough to bring it today!

    In case it's hard to tell: The top layer is metallic silver with white underneath (but you only see a tiny outline) and a black base. The stitching is gray and there are two nail heads on the end of each bone. It's about 2" tall and 2.5" wide. The overall length is 4.5" including the clasp and chain. I put it on my Soho Small Flap for a size reference.

    I don't know if I'm in love with it. It's much bigger than I thought.

    What do you think? Keep it or send it back?
    Skull Charm 1.jpg Skull Charm 2.jpg
  2. Eek... sorry, just my opinion, but I am really not a huge fan. It just doesn't really... uhm, make sense? I'm soooo sorry... I just don't get the whole skull thing.

    Just my opinion though!!! (oh, PS - I did kinda like the Isabella Fiore pirate line, but not enough to buy. However... something seems a bit - off. But please, don't base any decisions on my opinion!!! I must be biased!!)
  3. Thanks for the pics, I've been waiting to see this charm. I like it because it's different but agree that it's bigger than I expected.
  4. KrystyAnn - I Totally LOVE it! I maybe wouldn't have it on my purse at Christmas, but that's about it. It looks rockin' on your Soho. I'll post up a pict of my "My Flat in London" Crown Charm which is HUGE, but I do pop it on a BIG bag. But, it's definitely different from anything Coach has done before.

    But still, Love it.
  5. I love it!!!
  6. omigod! i love it! that skull is the best thing i have seen from coach in a LONG time! i am ordering one right now if it is on the site!
  7. i can;t find it on the site! i typed that number in and then i typed skull in and nothing came up! any thoughts on this?
  8. charm brought up nothing either.....
  9. I LOVE it! :yes:
  10. I Love That!!!
  11. I love it, I use big bags & wear loads of Alexander McQueen skull scarves so that would be perfect, enjoy!
  12. I had to drag myself into the store with a broken foot to order it! It's not online yet. I had been checking everyday since it was first posted on here, I finally gave up and went in. I thought they would put it up today with all the other new stuff, but nope. The SA was amazed that I even knew about it since it hasn't been advertised or sent to any stores yet. (Plus, since it's not in stores, you'll get free shipping!)
  13. I'm back and forth with it, I guess I need to see it for myself.
  14. I love something you wouldn't think Coach would make LOL. It looks really good on the black flap too.
  15. It's okay but there are many other charms i like better.