skull charm issue :(

  1. I'm sad because I had called Coach at Valley Fair in San Jose, Ca to check if they had the skull charm on Friday April 13th, 2007.

    They said they didn't. I asked if I could order over the phone if they'd waive shipipng and they wouldn't do it. I resorted to ordering the skull charm online on Friday April 13th.

    I received the charm yesterday Wednesday April 18th, 2007. The still said no stores in california had the skull charm.

    However, today April 19th, 2007 I saw that on the skull charm is in fact in stock at Coach at valley fair in san jose and I feel very ripped off for paying $8.50 shipping and handling on the website when I could have waited barely a week to get it at the store with no shipping.

    If I return the skull charm, will I get a full refund that includes shipping or am I pretty much screwed out of my $8.50?
  2. Just take it in to the store and explain your situation. I'm sure they'll give you a refund for the shipping.
  3. you USUALLY only get free shipping if you go into the store and place an order. occassionally if you have a fav SA they may waive it for you if you do a phone order.

    good luck, but remember, if you love the charm, then it should be worth every penny!
  4. i would think they wouldn't waive the shipping, but you should try anyway.
  5. Honestly, in my opinion (and experience in the store)- no. You paid for a service online (that being fed ex) and of course, coach doesn't get this service for free.

    You could have just gone into a coach store and ordered it, I don't know what the difference is from you going now from you going last week to order it, y'know? Sorry, it's just a confusing situation to me.

    Also, the store inventory lookup on the website is not accurate at all. I would have called a store to see if any surrounding stores carried it before ordering online.
  6. Just be happy you got your skull charm. That's what's important, right??

    I had to resort to to get my "K" charm because I couldn't find it in any outlets and I have no boutique close by. I'll just be thrilled when I have it in my hands!
  7. I ordered my skull charm over the phone on Wednesday because I saw that they didn't have any in stock on the website and didn't expect for them to waive shipping...however, when I ordered my comic book key ring/charm in the store over a month and a half ago they did waive my suggestion is if you really want to avoid shipping definitely go to the store and order what you want..that is the only way I know of to get out of paying shipping..
  8. That sucks...

    You should ask them if they even have it in the store, b/c you can't rely on the website.

    Then if they do have it in stock you could tell them your situation and then ask if they could refund you. If that doesn't work you could always call Coach.

    And if all else fails, who got your charm! Next time, you have to go into the store to make the order...then they'll waive the shipping fee. It's weird I know, but I guess you gotta understand where they're coming from.
  9. :excl: *Captain Bring-Down has arrived* :excl:

    IMO...that's the risk you run when you buy online.

    and you knew you could drive to the store, order it there, and get free shipping...but you chose to order it online...

    hate to say "tough noogs" but hey...tough noogs. It's only $ the grand scheme of things that's like 2 coffees at Startbucks (small coffees...heheh) or a lip gloss from target. no happy you have your charm.
  10. I had to pay $20 to get the skull charm, because I live in Alaska. So my charm is now worth $58 !! LOL
  11. i agree with deweydrop.

    you obviously loved it enough to pay for the shipping, so what's it matter now? i understand it sucks, but that's just reality.

    just enjoy your charm and don't worry.