Skull Charm back on

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  1. wow.. thx for posting. i :heart: this silly thing!
  2. Me too...i'm glad I picked one up!
  3. Oh this is great news, I wanted one and have been looking for a deal on ebay!
  4. Edgy....I like it :rochard:
  5. Thanks for the post!
  6. :yahoo:
  7. I'll bet these little suckers will be sold out in no time. So who all is ordering one?
  8. I have this charm and I ABSOLUTELY :heart: it!! I get people asking me all the time where I got it from. Def get it while you can!! I got mine during PCE so it wasn't full price. ;)
  9. THANK YOU for posting the heads up!


    * runs off to buy one*
  10. I just have to ask...what is the significance of the skull? I just don't really "get" it! Thanks!
  11. PIRATES!!!!!!!!

    Sorry just a bit obsessed with Pirates........Will Turner......Orlando Bloom to be exact!

    That's why I want it anyway.
  12. No signifigance to speak of. Skull things are just really popular right now and it happens to appeal to lots of people.
  13. No significance for me - I just like it.

    But now that Bethie mentioned it, I bet POTC is the reason why Coach put those back on the site. With Pirates premiering last week (and being hugely popular) I bet they wanted to cash in on the popularity!
  14. I understand the Pirates of the Caribbean significance, but I've seen it a lot on teen clothes & stuff. I thought is was a "goth" reference or something! Then I saw that Coach had the skull charm & thought I was missing out on something! :confused1: