Skull Brooch pics!!!

  1. ok, here is the chanel SKULL and crossbones brooch. I AM A DIGITAL CAMERA MORON. FOR SOME REASON THE PICTURE IS GREEN! but it's not, the rhinestones are WHITE. ALSO, it's blurry! ugh. but u can get the idea.
    chanel skull 2 001.jpg chanel skull 2 002.jpg
  2. hey! the pics attached! cool.
  3. I knew if you posted them I that thread we'd miss them!
    I moved your posts to their very own thread!
    Awesome brooch!!!
  4. Very rock and roll!
  5. Very nice!
  6. very rock 'n roll chic! love this brooch.
  7. Cute!
  8. very nice
  9. Cool! I love it!
  10. NICE!!! :supacool:
  11. LOVE this!! So rocker chic!! Where did you get it and if I may ask, how much?
  12. hi macp6!!! of course you can ask me! i got it at the chanel boutique in chicago on michigan ave. it was the last one...and get this it's from 05! it was $413 not including tax. I was there picking up a bag and as i was walking out my SA pulled out a drawer of brooches and this was there. of course i had to have it! if u want, you can call Pamela Stewart at chanel 312.787.5500 and ask her if she can get u another one. tell her it's the same skull and crossbone brooch that tina park got. she'll know. i've never seen one like this. and I LOVE IT!
  13. that would be sooo cool as a necklace!
  14. Love It!
  15. very nice!