Sku inside bag?

  1. Okay I apologize but I can't seem to get the search to work for me lately :shrugs: I know this has been discussed before on the sku written inside the bag.. did we decide that Coach will not fix the bag if something goes wrong with it if it has this sku, or will they.. does anyone know for sure? TIA!!! :tup:
  2. anyone? :shrugs:
  3. what do you mean?
  4. If someone is selling a bag on eBay and it has a sku # written inside to prevent returns to the store.. but I am wondering if Coach will repair it if in the future it had any problem?
  5. There was someone that bought a clay GiGi with a broken turnlock. I am waiting to see if Coach will repair it. The seller did not disclose to her why the sku was in the pocket.
  6. what the heck is sku? TIA:shame:
  7. the only way they wont repair it is it says FS or ES
  8. Thank you for the info :tup:
  9. it's the barcode # you see on every product you buy, usually on the bottom.. in this case it is some sort of inventory or stock # that they hand write inside the zippered part of the bag from the dept store to prevent full price refund. :yes:
  10. Thanks :smile:
  11. What does the ES mean (I mean I know it's a final sale)? Anyway, most of the time they do put the stamp on the creed.
  12. ^^ Employee sale
  13. OK, I have seen that on some bags. Thanks!
  14. No problem... and I did call JAX that next morning and the did say like was said here that they will warrant it.. the only bags they will not fix are those with a stamp on that have an ES (employee sale) or FS (final sale) :tup:
  15. The ones with the sku in the pocket normally do have ES or FS on the creed, if ever so lightly.