Skorpios back to being made in Italy

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  1. I know a few people were not too happy when MK started making his colledtion bags in China or other places. I was unfortunate enough to get one made in China - but it looks like his back to making them in Italy again as it says below.

    This sure is one STUNNING bag.

  2. ^I've been :drool: drooling over that one!
  3. It still varies by bag. I've seen some recently that are still made in Italy.
  4. Does that really say 19" height? Wow.
    Love the bag, but wish it were smaller. LOL!
  5. Yeah I saw that style IRL and it is big!! BUT, it has SO MUCH slouch, it doesn't seem as big as it sounds - it's very soft and squishy so when you actually put it on it doesn't look that big. THE LEATHER IS OMG TDF!!!! And the hardware on the Skorpios is second to none.
  6. I love the skorpios bags. :girlsigh: I would love one of the skorpios ring totes, but it would have to go on sale first.
  7. I have been one of those thoroughly upset about his bags being made in China.
    Hopefully the Gia will be moved to Italy. Didn't buy one because of the Made in China tag ... and told SA that was the reason why. Not ashamed to state my thoughts about it.

    Not that there's anything wrong with bags being made in China. That's fine. But when a designer charges made in Italy prices, I want it made in Italy.

    I wanted this specific one. Notice is only says "imported."

  8. Just sharing what my SA said about this - she said the prices dropped somewhat on the Skorpios and Tonne line because they were made in China. She said the ones that were made in Italy a couple/few years ago were more like $1500, but are now selling for around $1000. I wasn't into bags back then so I have no idea, just passing along what she told me.
  9. I love the braided handles on the Skorpios bags!
    I like that pumpkin colored Gia too. :heart:
  10. Also, be aware that made in Italy on the website does not guarantee anything--make sure to check the tags yourself. Typos are made on websites all the time so make sure you get what you think you are paying for!