Skittles anyone? (of the bag variety)

  1. All of you girls have been posting your lovely collection of b-bags and the colors... the COLORS! Love it. I love seeing them all at once. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to show them. I am drooling (metaphorically of course).

    Here's my little contribution to b-bag mania, enjoy.

    P.S. Take some and pass it around, LOL!

  2. I love Skittles!! Yum yum...
  3. Lol!
  4. That is so very cute and creative!
  5. mmmm i like the red ones :smile:
  6. cute! I couldn't tell they were balenciagas in the thumbnail! I wish I could own that rainbow :smile:
  7. That was SOOO cool Murasaki! It took me a minute, but now I am drooling!
  8. Murasaki - Very cute!!! But someone I know is hogging all the purple skittles! ;) :love: ;) :love:
  9. that's very cool!!!!!
  10. Oh that is great! Can I have the poster size for my room?
  11. :shame: :shame: :shame:

    Incidentally, I emptied the actual bag of skittles and I started eating all the grape ones first. :shame: :shame:
  12. Oh my... ha ha... I didn't realize they are all colorful B-bags until I click on the thumbnail! I actually thought it was a normal Skittles candy bag. Now this thread makes sense! :lol:

    Murasaki, you're creative! I love it!
  13. thats freaking cute as all hell.
  14. that's so creative of you murasaki!!! very nice:nuts:
  15. That's AWESOME! I didn't get it at first either. I almost didn't blow it up cause I thought you just copied a regular bag of skittles!

    Very creative of you murasaki!