Skirts for Petites

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  1. I've been looking for skirts but I'm having trouble. I'm 5' and size 0. Any suggestions?
  2. have you tried anthropologie? they have some really cute ones in petite sizes. jcrew also has petites. they run a little big though. are you looking for formal skirts or just cute fun skirts?
  3. I am of no way any help but a funny thing came to mind! Everytime Im out shopping and I accidently wonder into the petite section, as soon as I realize I try and walk out ASAP as I dont want someone to think Im all trying to act like Im petite or something!!!! (Im a size 10!!) I WISH I could shop in the petites!!! Good luck!! I saw LOTS AND LOTS of 0 in Banana republic!!
  4. Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft also have petite skirts. I don't find them very short though so you may still need to hem them. For fun skirts you may have luck at teen stores like Express since they are sporting short and mini skirts this season.
  5. Petite isn't about size but rather proportions. The petite section will have all of the regular sizes. There are even plus petites.

    Those of us who are petite can be skinny or heavy. What makes us petite is that our bone structure is smaller, e.g. the length between our shoulder and our wrist is a few inches shorter than a "normal" woman's.

    Generally speaking petite sizes are for women who are 5'4'' (used to be 5'3'') or under. Also there are some women who are petite on top but regular sizes on the bottom.

    IMHO petite sizes would be more available if more women knew that they were petites but unfortunately a lot of women are under the impression that petites are only size 0's. That's not to say that the petite section at stores like BR aren't full of size 0's or now 00's but that's only because the size 8's and 10's sell out first because there are a lot of more of us than there are size 0's (at least that's my theory).
  6. what kind of skirts are you looking for? The only skirts i wear are denim mini skirts and i'm petite (5'3) but those still look short on me (too short for BF's comfort, muahaha). otherwise banana & jcrew has a decent petite section and banana now has 00P.
  7. Thanks all!! I'll check the stores you mentioned out.

    But I'm looking for fun skirts, as well as ones for work. I was in NY last year and found one that fit well at Mexx but that store hasn't made their way out to the West Coast yet.
  8. Do you have Mango where you live?

    They have really nice skirts (both work and casual) and while they don't make them especially for petites, they fit me (5'2") quite well. Maybe because it's a Spanish brand, and Spanish women are a bit shorter on average.
  9. We just had one open up here last year. I'll go take a look during lunch one day.
  10. try some mini, midi skirts. Good choices at Zara, Mango, Esprit, American Eagle...just many! Good luck! Also I think all shops have their own alterations!