Skipping work, hittig up Saks NYC HELP

  1. ok, wish me lucK! today i am skipping out of work this am to go to Saks. Today is the day I get either my classic, reissue or GST unless something else catches my eye...
    Before I depart, any last words? I have the GST in Black and Bordeaux on hold along with the Jumbo.

    However, the more I think about the GST I am not in love with it. Should I just not even consider it? Is it too plain to sit amongst my brooklyn bag and array of coco cabas? OR is it just so versatile by its simplicity that is it a must have.

    God help me that there is no astrakan on display today......
  2. Whoo *High Five! I couldn't think of a better reason to skip work than shopping! I think you should go for the classic flap or the reissue since they're both classic pieces and you can use them dress up or dress down. If you're not too in love with the GST, then forget about it!
  3. ^ITA.....If you're already having second thoughts on the GST...Don't buy it..You may end up w/ buyer's remorse...Wait until you try it on though..IMO, I would get the flap...But you'll KNOW what to do when you try them on....Good luck!!!! Let us know what you get hehe!!!!!!
  4. Go for the flap. It sits on the shoulder better than the GST and is a classic. Good luck and have fun!
  5. The GST is a great elegant everyday bag. I suggest you just wait and try everything on. You will know which bag is right once you try them on.
  6. Best reason ever to get out of work!! :tup:

    I'm having a crisis myself, as I didn't plan on getting a flap until later on in my Chanel addiction. If it's between the flap and the GST, I'd go flap all the way!

    Have fun!!
  7. Oh what a fun way to spend a Monday!!!
    Go with the flap and reissue... they both are classic pieces that you will love for a long long time...
    Have fun!!!
  8. go before 12. it's a zoo at lunchtime! :p
  9. Yes as mentioned best to decide - after you try then on.
    Keep up posted with what you decide :smile:
  10. u should have them ring up yer purchase on THURS for EGC...too!
  11. ^^^
    Get yourself some freebies by ringing it up on Thursday!
  12. there is no reissue at Saks NYC. Was there yesterday myself. Get the jumbo!
  13. jumbo.
  14. oh wait, you already got it! yay!
  15. I say flap too. I love my flaps. I never realized how versatile they were until I got my first. I thought they were too dressy for me, but now I wear with everything (even sweats!).