Skipping the lunch

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  1. How is it good to loose weight without exercise? Any article?
  2. You can't really lose weight healthily without exercise.
  3. Sure you can, but you have to be super disciplined, and most people aren't. You have to track your daily caloric intake, and slowly alter that total until you're intaking the exact number that allows you to lose weight, yet still giving your body its necessary nutrition.
  4. You want to not exercise but instead skip lunch everyday?

    Might be smarter and more effective to have two smaller portions of food for lunch and dinner rather than skipping lunch all together.
  5. I don't know about the skipping lunch---I don't think that's a good idea. It will probably leave you famished later and more likely to overeat at night. Plus there's a good chance of slowing your metabolism. But you can definitely lose weight without exercise. At the end of the day your weight comes down to calories in vs calories out. If you consume fewer than you burn youll lose weight. Is it harder, yes. Will it be slower, yes. But you can do it. I, personally, am not a big gym person(used to be, just in a phase now where I'm not). I would rather be diligent about what I eat and focus on that then workout much. I still workout once in a while, but not daily. Most people would probably rather put the effort into working out then focus on their food---it takes work. But I also am a veg and really focus on clean eating, so I put the effort into my food anyway. It's up to you, but it can be done.
  6. Of course you can lose without exercise. I lost 50 lbs over the last year with zero exercise.

    A significant factor in weight loss is what goes in your mouth.

    Skipping meals is never recommended. In fact, you should eat several times each day.
  7. I think I read somewhere in a medical journal that your skin is 80% what you eat and 20% what you put on it/do to it. And your weight/body is about 65% what you eat and 35% what you do to it (workout). So in theory you can definitely lose the weight. But if you workout and build muscle it will burn more calories and lose it more quickly. I guess it just depends on how quickly you want to lose it and how much you like working out or dislike it. Oh and how disciplined you want to be about what you eat.
  8. Interesting!

  9. First part is correct, second is up for discussion. The myth that meal frequency has an impact on your metabolism has been debunked time after time.

    In the end it's calories in vs. calories out.
  10. I always felt that the "calories in, calories out" idea was misleading in that 100 calories taken in from eating fruits (or vegetables) is fundamentally different than taking in 100 calories from eating half a cookie or half a soda. They may each be 100 calories, so that's what you are measuring, but the fruit/vegetable has actual nutritional value, whereas the cookie/soda does not.
  11. Possible? Yes. Recommended? No.

    As someone who regularly skipped meals in my youth in addition to rigorous exercise for 3-6+ hours a day (I had a job at the time that included exercise and then would go workout for a few hours on top of that), and now has a slower than slow metabolism unless I went back to that same combination, but I believe it's mainly from the skipping meals... I would say don't do it. Just watch your calorie intake & make healthy eating choices - that is the better way to go in the long run.
  12. I'm not saying the same amount of calories consumed in 3 meals or in 6 makes a difference for weight loss. What I am saying is not letting yourself go without food for so long that you are starving and end up eating everything in sight is not advisable.
  13. This is true, but a bit misleading. In order to build muscle, you need to eat calories. So yeah, the fact that your body has a higher muscle % might help burn calories at a higher rate, but you're also taking in more calories to build and fuel the muscles.
  14. This is misleading as well, because the timing of food intake has a lot to do with the regulation of insulin in the blood, that inevitably controls the glucose metabolism, and how energy is used in our bodies. If we magically could have stable insulin levels all day long no matter when or what we eat, than I would agree. However insulin stops the use of fat as an energy source, and messed up meal timing is a factor for fat storing and difficulty to use the stored fat for energy. This is why many ppl who diet and exercise have higher difficulty losing fat than others who follow the same diet and exercise regime. Insulin resistance.

    One way to control the glucose in our blood and not have insulin resistance is to eat small regular meals and food that releases the energy slowly in our bodies, those that have a lower glycemic response. best foods for that are most fruits and vegetables, legumes/pulses, whole grains.

    Losing weight is calories in calories out, but also has to do with timing and quality of food.
  15. if you skip lunch your metabolism will slow down and you will have to eat even less to lose weight. best to eat small portions throughout the day if you aren't going to exercise. i would suggest eating protein and fiber to make you feel full, longer.