skipping my HS reunion, will i regret it

  1. Here comes my big HS reunion. I had many friends, but only a few close friends.

    Well, none of my close friends are on the list. Actually it is a pretty low percentage of our graduating class (90 out of 900) have responded

    do i get all dolled up to see a few people that i never really had much in common with. the venue is someplace i wouldn't even step into in a million years. we live in such a beautiful city, and i can't figure out why they chose this particular place

    i am secure where i am, look good, am married with kids, and have accomplished all i had hoped to by now

    but i just don't really want to go to the reunion. part of me is scared, part of me just doesnt care

    should i go
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't go. I enjoyed high school and all...but I wouldn't go out of my way to see people that I obviously didn't care enough about to keep in touch with. It sounds like you don't really want to go, so why force yourself?
  3. Mine isnt until a fewww more years..but dont think I'll be going.
  4. I went to my 10 year, but didn't bother going to my 20 year. At that point I didn't feel that I had much in common with these people nor did I want to pay the airfare to fly across the country. So, if you don't think it's worth your time, then don't bother.
  5. I went to mine and had a blast. Saw some old friends, got to catch up.
  6. i blew off prom when i was in HS because my BF was older and didn't want to go and i regretted it. when my 10 yr rolled around, it was the weekend right after my wedding and we had a destination wedding in vegas...
    so i didn't go. i secretly wish i did though... regretting not seeing my friends again.
  7. Eh, I'm not going to mine. Not to sound mean but -- I keep in touch with the people that I care to keep in touch with. What's the point of seeing everyone else? :shrugs:
  8. Agreed, though I will definitely be attending my HS reunion (which is two years away, I feel old!) because there are few people that don't live in town anymore that I keep in touch with online that I would like to see again, plus anyone else I haven't found yet. :yes:

    However, I wouldn't go if I knew my close friends would not be attending. It wouldn't be worth it IMO. I felt the same way about skipping the senior trip because none of my close friends were going.
  9. I don't live in the same area I went to HS. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't go to a reunion. Just watch "Romy and Michelles HS Reunion". I bet it's better than most real ones.

  10. me in a nutshell, skipped prom because my boyfriend was having a frat party. skipped my 10 year because of a planned company retreat that i couldn't miss.

    so here comes 20, i'm sure everyone is great...but everyone i want to see has such busy lives, they aren't going to come to town for a reunion

    i always figured i would walk proudly into a reunion and show everyone how well i have done...but i am secure enough in everything that i have, i don't really need to show off anymore.

    frankly there is a teacher on the list, that i HATED, it would ruin my day to see that man again. he said something so inappropriate to me my Senior year. I never forgot about it. He is totally beloved by all.

    I wish I could just let it all go
  11. Not me, I think you would have kept in touch with all the people you had wanted to.
  12. Doesn't sound like you're into it so I wouldn't waste my time even if it is in your same city.

    I missed my 10th and 20th for different reasons, but I don't have any regrets. Don't get me wrong...I LOVED high school but it was a very different chapter in my life. Other than a close GF (where we had a falling out in our mid 20s, eesh), I really didn't keep in touch with my classmates. It's the college reunions I look forward to.

    I'm perfectly happy skipping HS reunions but who knows I might make my 30th!
  13. Nah, if you're not excited and happy about it then it's no big deal to blow it off! I went to my five-year and enjoyed it; missed the 10-year; and always assumed I'd go to my 20-year.

    When that one rolled around (last year), I checked out the list of people who were going and, like you, didn't really see anyone I'd missed or would go out of my way to catch up with. All of the ones I really cared about, I'd stayed in touch with/gotten back in touch with over the years. So, I saved my money and time, didn't go, and have never regretted it!
  14. My 10 years won't be until another 8... but I would definitely go. I enjoyed high school and was somewhat a social butterfly. Although I stay close to those I have a close friendship with, I have met a lot of great people that I may not have been best friends with in high school but would like to see again in 8 years. I don't have a big group of friends now that we are all treading different waters, but there are a lot of people whom I still think about here and there and think "he/she was such a sweet heart in HS, wonder what they're up to now".

    But then again I could say thank goodness for facebook.
  15. I didn't have a high school reunion (apparently our class president decided she didn't want to deal with the hassle of setting one up), so this year (11 years after graduation) a group of girls in my class decided to set up a potluck at a park and sent invites to old classmates via Myspace. I showed up, and while the people that were there weren't necessarily close friends when I was in school, I had a great time! We even had to hurry and look up some people in the yearbook to remind ourselves who they were, but there was still a great bond and energy shared with everyone. We all had such a great time that the afternoon picnic ended up lasting until midnight! No one wanted to go home. We all swapped email addresses, and now some of the people I barely talked to in high school are becoming close friends now.

    If it's not inconvenient for you to go, I'd say go for the heck of it. Worse thing that can happen is you waste a night and realize you don't want to hang out with any of them anymore. But you never know, you might develop some new friendships with people who have changed into people you'd want to hang out with now!