Skipper Bracelets

  1. So, I was thinking about adding an Hermes bracelet to my very humble Hermes collection.:love: I think the enamel bracelets are probably a little too big for me considering I have very small arms and wrists. So, I was thinking about getting a skipper bracelet.

    Does anybody have one? Do you have any pictures wearing it?

    The red one kind of reminds me of a kaballa (sp?) bracelet so I was thinking of getting a black one.
  2. They are darling but I don't own one yet. :smile:
  3. I don't know the skipper bracelet - you should try the enamel H bracelet. I have a small wrist (6" around) and the enamel PM fits me great!
  4. This post just prompted me to measure my wrist, 6" as well. Hmmm maybe I will look into the enamel although those skipper's are still calling my name :smile:
  5. Hi Thanks for *.* - Anyone got a H Hermes Bracelet @ decent $$ and does size really come into it around wrist for adult? Thanks :smile: