Skinny vs. Straight Leg Jeans ... which do you prefer?


Which jeans do you prefer?

  1. Skinnies

  2. Straight Leg

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  1. Which do you prefer, and why? Which do you think is less trendy? Which brand & style are your favorite?

    I prefer straight leg jeans, because my thighs are a weird shape ... IMO.

    I think straight leg is a little less trendy; my favorites? Rock and Republic by Victoria Beckham Stockholms.
  2. Depends on what I'm wearing it with...for the most part, straight leg.
    But I am definitely planning on getting another pair of skinnies because I've grown to LOVE my first.
  3. Skinny. My grandmother and great aunt wear straight leg, LOL.
  4. My thighs are too big to wear skinnys so I like the straight legs to balance me out. They're a good middle between bootcut/flare and skinny.
  5. I like straigh leg, I am 5' and they make me look taller.. skinny jeans make me look weird.. I have a big ass!!
  6. I prefer straight leg, but I have skinny jeans, too. Skinny jeans are definitely trendier than straight leg.

    A lot of people mistake straight leg for tapered jeans, and a lot of jeans mislabel themselves as straight when in fact they are tapered (ankle is narrower than the knee). Tapered jeans are old-lady jeans or mom jeans while straight leg are a great alternative for shorter women who look even shorter or thicker in boot cut or flares.
  7. ^^^I know the diff. My gma's jeans are wide at the bottom.
  8. My thighs are too big for skinnies. My most recent jeans purchase was Joe's jeans and they fit me me perfect. I'm short (5'0") and have big hips.
  9. I love skinnies!!! I wear mine with ballet flats or tucked into boots. I like how they look!
  10. Skinny jeans. :heart:
    I wear them all the time although fashionistas says they are out.. but, whatever. ;]
  11. To be honest, I really don't get the difference :confused1:
  12. I love the look of skinnies on other people but not me. It's funny because I'm 5'11" and 127 lbs so they should be perfect for me but I'm just not comfortable with how I look in them. I just got my first pair of straight legs- TR. I like them- it feels like a compromise between bootleg and skinny.
  13. I have both, and I really think it depends on your body-type, although straight leg is more "classic" IMO. Right now I feel like skinny jeans look they are "trying too hard". Could just be b/c I think that ANYONE who would wear jeans in Georgia in the summer is off their rocker!:p
  14. if skinny jeans are "out of style" then whats in style? i heard the wide legs are in this season. oh boy
  15. Skinnies - they just look more 'now' to me. :biggrin: