skinny? straight leg?

  1. i tried searching but i couldn't find anything...

    what's the difference between straight leg jeans and skinny jeans? :confused1:
  2. i think straight jeans doesnt fit as tightly as skinny does at the most bottom part of the jeans.. the ankle part? err.. im just guessing hehe
  3. Skinny jeans look like they are strangling your ankles and look best if you are in fact "skinny"... They look amazing on girls with no hips!

    Straight jeans are just as fitted as skinny jeans but don't come in so tight around the ankles and look great if you've got a little curve!
  4. Skinny jeans are tapered and straight legs are cut straight. A lot of it has to do with the legs of the person wearing them IMO, because straights can almost look like skinnies on someone with a thicker leg. But on someone with really narrow calves, straights can look as flared as a boot cut. Skinnies will always be more tapered and stacked at the ankle, though. I made you a picture in polyvore, because I'm bored. Skinnies are on the left and straights are on the right...

  5. LOL:roflmfao: thanks soooo much!!! i think i get it now... but the straight legs look a lot like bootcuts..! well at least i know now.. :sweatdrop:
  6. bootcuts actually go out at the bottom, they are a slight flare. the difference is basically the leg opening.