Skinny Speedy Handles...

  1. I'm planning on buying a Speedy in the near future...I went to the LV boutique in my local Neiman Marcus, and I notice that the handles of all the Speedy bags were so thin! :yucky:

    My mother had a Speedy from the 80's, and she said the handles on her bag were much thick as the handles on the Keepall. I like thick, fat handles that I can grip. Now I think I'll have to scope out vintage Speedys instead :sad:

    Anyone else notice this?
  2. hehehe, i'm not going to flame you :flowers:

    I'm a bit disappointed though. I have wonderful memories of my mother's old bag, and I was hoping to get one for myself just like it. Ah well...c'est la vie!
  3. Really??? I don't have speedy yet so I don't know. I want to get one. But I like strong, sturdy handles. If this is true, then I may have to find vintage. An authentic vintage speedy. OMG, that doesn't sound easy at all.
  4. ^Before you write the speedy off. Check out this link and you will see two speedies side-by-side:
  5. Maybe she had a French Co Speedy?
  6. well how about getting the MC speedy? I find that it's slightly thicker
  7. :yes: True. The handles on my white mc alma are bigger than the ones on a monogram alma.
  8. em i dont know, i have the speedy 25 and if the handles were bigger it will feel weird?!
    Yeh i agree with cec- get the mc speedy x
  9. I thought the handles on my mono speedy were quite thick and hefty. I can grip them quite easily, and I have large hands. This is just my opinion.
  10. they are not THAT thin. they are still pretty big and defintiely still able to hold their own!
  11. I never thought they were thin. Then again, I've never seen a vintage one. I think the size is perfect for my big 'ole hands.
  12. It's not like they're as thin as Spaghetti noodles or anything! I have never really noticed a difference!
  13. The handles on my speedy 25 are the same as the ones on my speedy 30...... :confused1:
  14. I'm confused too. They aren't thin handles to me.....