Skinny Mini or Wristlet to go with Swing Pack?

  1. Hello everyone!
    I was planning on getting the Swing Pack Signature Stripe in Punch, and wondered if I should get the Skinny Mini or Wristlet to go with it. Thoughts?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I just got a swing pack last month and I chose to get a mini skinny to go with it. I think it will fit better and leave more room for other stuff (cell phone, camera when traveling and keys).
  3. Wristlet: You can use it to run small errands also and just have it on your wrist or clip it on your belt loop...basically more versatile.
  4. mini skinny:smile:
  5. mini skinny because they are so darn cute! I have the punch one and it's adorable! (plus the punch wristlet is really hard to find right now)
  6. how about both =]
  7. I use a Mini Skinny with mine! Leaves room for other stuff.
  8. I have a black sig stripe swing pack with a matching sig stripe wristlet. I think either one will work fine for you. The wristlet might hold dollars a little better, and depending on which one you get might be a little slimmer but wider. My wristlet has only one pocket. I have a different (brown patent) mini skinny that has an outer pocket so it is wider. If the one you are looking at has that you will find the outer pocket convenient when shopping... I guess this doesn't help much! Either way you can't go wrong though!!! I guess that is what I am trying to say.
  9. Mini-skinny all the way, I think you will find it harder to pull a wristlet out of a swing pack because of the size. But I am also of the school to get both incase you need something smaller than a swing pack.
  10. i vote wristlet.......but then again i think the punch is sold out and coach is not making more in that shade
    so .........the skinny will be great too.....
    either way the punch is TDF and congrats:yes:
  11. Looks like the wristlet is still available online. Do you already have other wristlets? I think I'd go for the skinny.
  12. Another vote for just the mini skinny.
  13. with my PCE I bought the Carly Signature Swingpack with the White stripe and then the new Spring Patchwork Skinny Mini to go with it. I debated the wristlet but it would have taken up way to much room. And because the swing pack is "thin" you do not want a big wristlet inside because the outside pockets will bulge out. I vote Skinny Mini!