skinny jeans with zippers

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  1. Hello. What do you think of the new skinny jeans with zippers on the size? My initial thought was of those Guess jeans from the eighties. However, the plus side is that they do not seem to need to be hemmed, which I like. The zippered area made the bottom of the jean seem not as narrow, which was also a plus. Any thoughts?
  2. I have some from Miss 60 and love them.
  3. I am also interested in skinny jeans with zippers. But ones that arent too long since I am petite.
  4. I loved them in the 80s, but I was very, very thin then.
  5. hehe I don't mind skinny jeans, but with zippers, no way! That's waaay too 80's for my taste.
  6. Im not that excited about then...I like it without zippers :smile:
  7. I agree...without zippers is better for me. With zippers, I'm afraid they appear costume-y and draw too much attention (in a bad way).
  8. i have some black versace jeans with zippers and i think they look pretty good...
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