Skinny jeans with knee boots - need suggestions!

  1. Any suggestions on a good brand for skinny jeans that are flattering to the butt and that look good tucked into knee boots? I couldn't find the right pair last year, and I am eager to get break out the boots for fall. I would like a pair with a bit of stretch that are also soft and butt friendly. I am thinking J Brand jeans because the material seems to fit the bill, but I am not so sure that they flatter the butt. What skinny jeans are you all wearing with your knee boots? Is this style still around? I hope so. I love it. It's so comfy, yet still cute. Any specific brands, styles, washes that you can recommend? Thanks!
  2. my current favorites are J Brand, Rich & Skinny and Seven jeans. they fit very well, especially the J Brand 10" skinny jeans. i have those in ink, black and gray
  3. Frankie B makes very stretchy skinny jeans! nice dark washes and quite flattering. the only thing is that it's very low.
  4. my favourite is diesel "liv" jeans (i've 3 pairs)...i find them very comfortable (has a little stretch) and wear them with knee boots.
  5. I love my paige blue heights jeans and my jbrand 14" cigarette leg jeans tucked into my boots. I wore them last winter and they are still great.
  6. Paige or JBrand seem to be the best. JBrand is butt flattening to me so I stick with Paige.
  7. I highly suggest Paige jeans. They fit very well in the tush and are very stretchy. JBrand fits very tight on me.
  8. I love J Brand & Tag Jeans. I have a few from Habitual, Hudson, and BCBG, as well. I even like Buffalo (David Bitton) and Guess, too. Some of my favorite jeans are from European lines like Against My Killer, April 77, and Cimarron Jeans, which you can't get easily over here.

    But I agree with the consensus - go with J Brand & get a 12" or 10" opening.
  9. True religion Stella or Julie jeans, Seven Roxannes , R&R Berlins. They are all so fab!!
  10. i love the paige denim in blue heights as well. they fit very well!
  11. My two fav. jeans that I wear with my boots are my:

    Hudsons Skinny in Eternal Wash
    Rock and Republics
    And J Brand :smile:
  12. Sevens!!!! They make my butt look less ginormous.
  13. Siwy's pockets are designed specially to lift the butt
  14. I love my true religion skinny jeans. I own 4 pairs and wear them all the time.
  15. You ladies are great. I went with the consensus and tried on a pair of J Brand skinny jeans today. I had tried a pair before, but didn't have my boots so I couldn't judge the complete look. I went to Loehmann's to see what they had, and was surprised to see they had two or three styles of J Brand jeans. I ended up liking the mid-rise 12 or 14 inch the best. Can't remember which ones I ended up getting, and left the bag in the car to avoid nosy roommate! I tried them on with a basic tee, oversized cardigan sweater and my chunky knee boots. Not bad. They were $79 which I guess is a pretty good deal. But, I can definitely see where the 10 inch skinnies might work better. There was a bit of fabric left over at the bottom, and if I keep them they will need to be hemmed. I do like the comfort, but do wish that they did more for the bum! I have ... um, :shame: ... a bit of a behind. It's all very proportionate, but it's definitely a butt! But, I think that might be an issue with any skinny jean I find. The material is just so nice and stretchy. It's almost like a jean legging. So, I am going to keep looking this weekend, and try to scope out more of your suggestions this weekend. I have tried Rich & Skinny and actually liked those, but they didn't have any in the classic, dark wash. I will revisit those and probably Paiges as well. Most of my other jeans are Paige, and I do like the butt action with those. And maybe Sevens, too. Since they seem to have special effects on ginormous behinds! LOL, KristyDarling! I think I saw a pair of skinny Sevens on sale somewhere online, but I can't remember where. AE? Revolve?