skinny jeans with ballet flats or sandals for summer?

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  1. which would you prefer to wear with your skinny jeans?
    a) ballet flats
    b) sandals (flat)
    c) sandals (wedge)
  2. A) ballet flats, first.
    C), second
  3. flat sandals since i'm all about comfort.
  4. ballet flats.

    I dunno, sandals seem too casual for me. I feel skinnies give off more of a smart look.
  5. I'm wearing this today! I have on my favorite and only Chanel Ballet Flats (though I own about 3 pair more of other ballet flats too)with a tunic top. Out to shop with the fam--(hubby and boys)... Take care!

    I wouldn't wear them with sandals. I've tried it on and didn't like the look...
  6. ballet flats...i don't like the look of skinnies and and wedges, and flats are too casual for me.
  7. I like wedges best (low ones .. not superhigh!)! Almost tied with ballet flats. I wore mine out with sandals today and hated it, hah.
  8. I personally think skinny jeans with ballet flats look the best out of the three. =) And flat sandals next. A bit iffy on the skinnies w/ wedges though...
  9. Definately ballet flats - I love that look
  10. I love them with flat sandels but also with ballet flats
  11. I like ballet flats with skinny jeans.
  12. I'd do either with ballet flats or wedges.
  13. Ballet flats but if it's too hot, sandals (flat).
  14. Ballet flats, that's a great look IMO, a little Audrey Hepburnish (I know she used to wear capris with her ballet flats, but still...)
  15. all 3 are great
    i'd pick flats then wedges then sandals

    but that's just because I hate toe baring shoes...