Skinny jeans - what to wear with them???

  1. So I know I'm late to the party, but I just got my first pair of skinny jeans as a gift from my brother. The brand is Red Engine - and they're in a dark wash. I've never owned jeans so ... tapered ... before - all my jeans are flare/boot-cut and in light blues. So what are you supposed to wear with skinny jeans? The whole style confuses me :confused1:
  2. i guess it is all about balance. skinny bottoms would look best with a loosier flowy top. i hope that makes sense.
  3. Babydoll tops. Tops with big, puffy sleeves that fit loosely around the waist. Tunic tops.
  4. I 2nd babydoll tops. Also.... tunics and sweaters.
  5. Really??? Good - I've got 4 of them from Abercrombie... and shoes???
  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Flats look great with skinny jeans, but so do heels. And for the fall/winter, they look good tucked into boots.

    Some examples above.
  7. love the photos! thanks for posting them.
  8. Wow - I'm gonna LOVE them in the winter with boots! :love: Wow!! Thanks for the visuals!!
  9. OT but I love Kate Hudson's whole outfit in that pic! The boots are gorgeous!
  10. Flats and boots. Long tops.
  11. skinny jeans are your answer to long boots! I always wore boots with skinny jeans with boots tucked in (for the last 5 years)

    and I would suggest you to take this opportunity to invest in some CUTE ballet flats and heels.. with your flares/boot cuts it is hard to show off your shoes! skinnies are the answer for that!

    and OT but what a sweet brother you have... and i guess he's into fashion too?

    post some pictures of some outfits you have put together with the forum's advice... i'm sure everyone here is interested in how you like your new look!
  12. I agree with all of the above. Skinny jeans look great with boots and baby doll tops.
  13. Wear it with an oversized man's shirt, and top it off with a straw fedora and aviators. It's SOO in now!
  14. Kate's boots are adorable. I'm stocking up on skinny jeans and boots for the fall, it's my favorite look.
  15. I wear mines long.
    With either flats or boots. I usually just wear a plain tee with them.
    And a nice sweater/jacket to match them.
    And a big paur of sunglasses and sometimes a scarf