Skinny jeans... What are your faves??

  1. J Brand and Rag & Bone
  2. Do they fit TTS or slightly small? I have only tried the pastel skinnies and I own a pair of coated skinnies. Sized up for both. Now I am eyeing a pair of blue skinnies.
  3. Hi I'm in desperate need of a new pair of skinnies and have been an avid fan of the J Brand 10 inch skinnies in INK wash - perfect for a shortie like me! Problem is that I can't find any stockist selling this style and wash in size 23 anymore. Can anybody recommend an alternative? I quite like the look of the COH Avedon skinnies but am unsure what size to get. Thanks ladies!
  4. Jbrand! I have a pair of the 12" and a pair of the 10". The 12 are more of my every day jean because they're not quite as tight, and the 10 are great for going out plus tucking into boots. 7 for all mankind makes some great skinny jeans too.
  5. ATM I LOVE Paige. Quite a stiff/sturdy denim, I have them in dark wash because it is almost the look of a trouser. Amazing quality but my only irk is that they are a tad too large for my leg size. Also they run very long so I did have mine tailored to just above my ankle.
    Gals can you recommend me any brands of jeans that run small in the calves/legs? I know Joseph do but the styles just never look right on me imo. TIA!
  6. i was just thinking about it....:biggrin:
    i also like CE a lot...
  7. i thought CE does....i only got one pair (the leopard one) and the ankle area are tighter...and the fabric isn't that stretchy...
    if you have a uniqlo near by....check it out...
  8. Forever 21 & Joe Fresh (never thought inexpensive jeans would be my favorite!)
  9. Vince skinny jeans. So comfortable. They're not really know for their denim but once I tried them, they are all I wear.
  10. Ooh I'll check it out. I think they carry it at my favorite boutique.
    Guys if any of you are in the London area check out Trilogy! Such helpful staff. Great online shop too. :smile:
  11. My Superfine jeans run quite small in the calves!
    My favorite jeans are J brand 811 style - I like both the denim jeans and the twill pants. They are not super skinny in the leg though, which I prefer.
  12. COH, 7FAM and most recently Mother and Rag and Bone. I'm really loving Mother jeans lately. Great fit and comfy.
  13. J Brand
  14. J Brand (811 style) is my favourite. I also love Nudie Tight Long Johns.
  15. I love Express skinnies!