Skinny jeans... What are your faves??

  1. What brands would you say are your favorite skinnies? I am looking for a nice sexy, super slim fit pair for summer(preferably distressed).

    I had a pair of Joe's Chelsea skinnies in my shopping cart at Nordstrom, then I went to buy them this morning and they were already sold out :tdown:

    I am having trouble finding another pair similar that I like...

    I like 7's, but they seem to squeeze out my 'muffin top' and I can't stand that!

    What do you guys recommend???
  2. Dylan George
  3. William Rast and Express
  4. How tall are you? I have a hard time finding skinny jeans that aren't too long because I only need an inseam of 28" or 29" so I tend to go for capris and wear them as skinny jeans. I like COH jean leggings, JBrand, and Paige skyline peg legs.
  5. I am 5'9, so i don't usually have the problem of ANYTHING ever being too long :amuse:
  6. AG makes some great distressed skinnies in their newish AG-ed line. I'm thinking you may like the 18 Years wash or something like that. I really like the Stilt cut, but sounds like they may be too short for you. Try the Premiere cut.
  7. Paige, AG, or J Brand.
  8. J brand and Uniqlo.
  9. Citizens of Humanity Avedon... I won't wear any other skinnies!
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    As far the jeggings, citizens for sure, I just tried the gap ones and they're not good. For reg skinnies, I like jbrand and TR.
  11. COH avedon slick skinnies x1938293823! :love: They are incredible! :nuts: I highly, highly recommend them. I really like J Brand too (have a bunch) for skinny jeans (not necessarily jeggings), and also have a few pairs AGs.
  12. I don't wear them, but Current/Elliott has a lot of slim-fit skinny (destroyed) jeans. I'm also personally not into Evisu at all, but I saw someone wearing a pair of very slim-fit destroyed skinny jeans. Even though I'm not into Evisu, I have to say they were really nice (they came in white).
  13. I love my Topshop Jamie skinny jeans! they have the perfect amout of stretch in them-and they keep their shape very well for a VERY long time!
  14. Current/elliott makes my favourite distressed skinnies, although I'm not sure if you're looking for jeggings or skinny jeans. Siwy and ksubi also make nice skinny jeans.
  15. Another vote for the COH Avedon jeggings - the comfiest and most flattering! I also love J Brand skinnies.