Skinny Jeans vs. Jeggings

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  1. What camp are you in?

    I'm a skinny jeans/jeggings noob, and I need help! I'm a clothes-fusser, so I need something that will stay put in my boots and on my waist AND not bag out at the knee, which makes me think I need jeggings. BUT, I also need butt pockets (I have white-girl-butt) and want something more substantial than how leggings feel!

    To top it all off I am still not sure about this look on me, so I don't want to spend more than $60. I bought a cheap pair from F21 that look good, but they're not going to hold up of course.

    So....which do you think I need, and can you help a sister out with an affordable suggestion? Thanks!
  2. Believe it or not my fav jeggings this year are from Victoris'a Secret....they are around $60..they are the "VS SIREN" or something like that..I've tried them all..7..JBrand..etc..the VS ones look the best on me and are the most comfortable..and lucky for me..they are not expensive...hth!!!
  3. I like both, but I only wear jeggings with tall boots. My legs just aren't long and skinny enough to pull them off with flats. I have a pair from Madewell via Shopbop that are nice, and looks more like jeans than leggings. I've found I usually need to size down in jeggings or they get kind of saggy in the butt by the end of the day.

    I'd suggest Madewell or the BDG line from UO.
  4. ^I wear them the same way...I don't have long legs either and I look like a kid in flats..

    The VS jeggings look JUST like's amazing..which is why I love them..and they fit so good..I have other ones that kinda look like jeans but the fabric is not denim like...the VS ones are..and beep they have pockets!!!

    I really think this whole jegging/jean thing comes down to not what brand and the amount of $$ they are, but how they just look/fit on each one of us individually...oh..and a bit of prayer and a miracle finding the perfect ones!!!!
  5. The Gap denim improved so much, a lot of people rave about their skinnies/denim jeggings. Maybe worth a try? Price comparable to VS ones.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I plan on wearing them with boots too. I'm leery of GAP/ON because everything I've had from them gives me saggy butt syndrome, but I'm open to trying anything right now.

    VS, Madewell, BDG, GAP. Got it, and thank you again!
  7. I wear both and always, always tucked into ankle or knee boots, which lengthen my short and stumpy legs. (I have attempted wearing them with heels but somehow my legs still look short with this combination.) Jeggings tend to flatten my butt, so I wear them with tunic tops or long cardies for coverage. I find that skinny jeans give me a little more butt volume so shorter tops/sweaters are acceptable with those.
  8. They're both great! I prefer the jeggings that aren't super stretchy and more sturdy.
  9. I have both but prefer my skinnies , I lately got a cheap pair from H&M that fit really well they are pretty stretchy very comfy and not saggy. They also stay better on my hips than jeggins.
  10. Someone told me jeggings have a tendency to rip out. For comfort I would buy jeggings because honestly somedays I just want to wear leggings or sweats. But I wouldn't over invest because they don't last long, which is my closing deal whenever making a purchase.
  11. It depends on the look I want and the shoes I'm wearing. For instance, yesterday I wanted to wear big colourful socks on top of my jeans and tight boots, so jean leggings obviously didn't have the bulk that skinny jeans would. However, since I have athletic calves, I don't like jean leggings that hug the leg all the way down to the ankle because they just accentuate my calves. (I don't have this same problem with black cotton leggings for some reason, probably because they tend to be more cropped in length). Anyway, I like skinny jeans better for more casual wear with flats. For jean leggings under $60 I would also suggest Gap.
  12. I prefer skinny jeans...
  13. I only actually own one pair of jeggings although I've tried many on. The one pair I own is ironically from Old Navy and cost me like $16.

    They fit great and do look like jeans. I have them just for flights to wear with a long cardi or oversized sweater.

    I prefer skinnies for every day.
  14. I agree with trying on many pairs (regardless of brands) to see which one looks better on you. I really hate it when butt cracks are shown when sitting down/bending over. I like cotton leggings in a heavy knit with not too much stretch but more spandex to pull every in. ;) I wear mine with tall boots or booties. I can't pull off them of with flats, they just make me look shorter. LOL

    Forgot, mine are from Gap, Zara and CK Jeans.