Skinny jeans versatile..??

  1. i was pretty miffed when skinny jeans became the trend... :hysteric: 'coz i look HORRIBLE in them..!!! i've got pretty chunky legs and they just don't look good... :crybaby:
    they look good with fitted knee high boots(heck with my legs they're probably the only ones that can fit into the boots), don't get me wrong, my legs are nice and shapely.. just definitely NOT slender :cursing: i usually wear bootcut. ANYWAYS... i was thinking, skinny jeans would have the option of being folded up and worn like fitted capris, whereas the bootcut and slightly flared jeans look a bit too bulky and weird when they're folded up...
    So... do you think i should invest in a couple of pairs...? because they're versatile? i'm sick of my slouchy knee highs they're starting to look like those things robin hood wears... :push: plus i get to fold the skinnys up like capris during summer and spring...
    i definitely definitely CANNOT wear skinny jeans any other way tho... :sad: not even with heels...

  2. i held out like you did, until i was tired of stuffing my bootcut jeans into my fitted boots. even if you cant wear it with heels, you will always look good in them with boots, and i plan on wearing them with flats, which are a big trend for spring/summer. i got jbrand 914, which arent too skinny, and the anlo zipper, which i LOVE. g'luck.

  3. I had the hardest time finding skinny jeans too!! I actually never found any 'jeans' ... just cords from Joe's Jeans and these grey jeans I picked up at Urban Outfitters on clearance for $10.

    Lux Stretch Slim Jean Grey Wash -

    They actually look bad on the model but good on me :roflmfao: the BF even commented, and he usually does not. I have nice legs too (I wear shorts all the time) but they are NOT slender, just like yours, so I think I had the same issue. Try on TONS of stuff and find the ones that work for you, even if it takes forever. Don't just buy some to buy some ... if you're not happy with how they look you won't wear them and you'll have wasted your $$!
  4. I still don't have any skinny jeans. I have big hips and thighs and I just can't see how they'll look good on me. I want to try some on but haven't done it yet. I do think they'd be good for tucking into boots though. Still, I guess I'm just scared to see how awful I look in them.
  5. They ARE versatile! :smile: They can also look good in spring/summer underneath a floaty tunic and flat sandals. I like the idea of rolling them up as capris! I, for one, DO plan on still wearing them tucked into boots in the spring/summer. I just bought some awesome boots that I *neeeed* to wear over the summer cuz I'd miss them too much if they were stored away in my closet!
  6. Have you considered getting a pair of fitted, narrow straight leg jeans rather than the tappered super-skinny jeans? I have both styles and I definitely think the fitted straight legs are much more forgiving and a lot more versatile. The straight legs are narrow enough that they fit inside my knee high boots, and they look good rolled up as carpis too, but my tappered skinny jeans look very strange rolled up as carpis.
  7. I have shapely legs as well, but I found a couple skinnies that fit well. Don't try ones that are too tapered. Just go out and try a bunch of jeans - you will find some that flatter you. IMO, they are pretty go for it! :yes:
  8. I mostly wear skinnies with boots, as it's horribly hard to wear straight pants this way and I l-o-o-ove boots. So I think it's definitely worth to buy a pair at least for that. I love them. I also think you should try different brands and different colors, so you can find something that suits you well.
  9. I guess I'll have to go when I have the time to try on a bunch of different ones. I always have trouble finding jeans that fit me well so sometimes it's a pain. any idea which skinny brands fit best on those with big hips?
  10. anotheremptysky your kitty definitely knows about the softest leathers... :love: beautiful... apple green day isn't it?

    so do skinny jeans look good folded up as capris...? :confused1: someone said yes... and some said no...

  11. My 2 cents: tappered jeans do not look good rolled up as capris but narrow straight leg jeans do look cute as capris