Skinny Jeans that fit similar like White House Black Market


Sep 5, 2013
Hi All,

My wife has found that the skinny jeans from White House Black Market fit very well on her and work with the figure nicely as opposed to other jeans that you might find at say a standard mall such as from The Limited or Express.

White House Black Market typically makes a skinny jean in a really dark wash color such as these (which are similar to the ones she has), but I just feel that with some of her black and darker brown boots/pumps, it doesn't leave much of a contrast or "pop" to make the boots necessarily stand out.

I would like to find her some other skinny jeans in a lighter denim (in a similar style) which would have a very nice fit like the White House Black Market jeans (that as she would put it don't "muffin top you". Here are some lighter colors to show you which would look nice contrasted against black or dark brown boots/pumps:

Are there any other skinny jeans that you know made by another brand that fit really well for the curves and waiste and offer a lighter color instead of the dark denim that WHBM seems to continue making over over. They do have a few lighter colors (but they messed them up with different designs or leg zips) that just messes how functional they are for wearing to different places or with things.

Any suggestions that I can try looking at for her? With the spring coming up, it be nice if I can get her some skinny jeans in lighter colors to work with her pumps and sandals.

Thanks everything and your help everyone! Have a great day!



Jan 20, 2012
You can try gap or banana republic. She really has to try them on though. Gap has a lot of different fits and blue washes.

I got these gray jeans from Banana Republic which I love:

I got some white jeans from gap which fit OK too. Although with most of my jeans, I usually have to wear belts.

The NYDJ outlet looked promising but I haven't tried those yet.

The WHBM jeans that fit me best were "slim", I think. But the gap and BR jeans looked better on me.