Skinny jeans: still wearing them?

  1. I see less and less girls in Chicago wearing skinny jeans. Are they on the outs?

    And I say this as I sit in my Marc by Marc Jacobs skinny jeans....
  2. I still wear them with great pleasure! The wide/flared trend is not for me anyway since i'm waaay too short to pull it off...
  3. I still wear mine!
  4. I do to and I see still lots.
  5. I still wear mine!
  6. Actually, yes. I loathe bootcut & enjoy extremes: either extremely skinny jeans or sailor jeans. Both have a slimming effect, funnily enough. ;D
  7. i still wear mine. i like both the skinny and bootcut jeans....however, since it's winter here (w/snow) i just find i wear my skinny jeans more cause i can tuck them into my boots.
  8. they're a staple in my wardrobe, i still wear them and will continue to do so, although I'll also wear 70's jeans this summer (high waist, wide legged) and straight leg jeans. no bootcuts though. i love skinny jeans!
  9. I still wear mine. I love how the bottoms are meant to be scrunchy so I never have to get them hemmed! I try not to follow trends too closely or I will be forever buying new clothes every few months. I just wear what I think looks good on me.
  10. I still wear mine also! I even wear skinny black pants to work. I love skinnies, bootcut, and straightleg jeans. I couldn't pull of the wide-leg look. I'm just way too short.
  11. Man I wish I could pull them off! My hips are so wide I would look laughable!
  12. yeessss i love my skinnies :smile:
  13. Still wearing mine. It's also a staple in my wardrobe.
    This is the cut that suits me the most. If I have to alternate
    it will be straight leg style. I look awful with any flared pants.
    So, if skinny jeans are "out", I'll still wear mine 'til I get arrested
    by the fashion police.
  14. Me too. I've never even tried them on. I'd look like the back of a barn or a giant pear in them.
  15. Definitely! Still cute with my flats and boots.