Skinny Jeans - Need Recommendations

  1. Well, I'm finally going to do it. I'm going to break down and buy some skinny jeans even though my hips are screaming "No"!!!!

    Anyway does anybody have any recommendations as to which jeans fit really well? I'm in my mid 30's and I don't really want anything that is too low cut and I need something that will fit over my booty.

    I don't want to look too much like an ice cream cone.:yucky:
  2. i really like my true religion johnnys. seven's roxy is also really cute.
  3. I saw both of those on Saks website today. Maybe I'll have to run down there and check them out.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. i 2nd the johnny's. the SA at my fav boutique said they look great on almost everyone.
  5. Ok, this is going to sound crazy, but I just bought a pair of skinny jeans at Target and they're awesome. They're called Mossimo Premium denim, they're stretchy in all the right places, and they make even size 8 me look skinny. Plus they were only $22, so when they're out of style in a few months they weren't a big investment. I know that recommending Target jeans is practically heresy, but every other pair of jeans I own are designer, either Citizens or Joes. And these Target jeans trump them all (I feel sort of silly for spending so much on jeans now!). Check them out if you're not looking for a particular label. Good luck finding a pair that you like!

    Target : Mossimo® Black: Premium Denim Skinny Jeans - Blue Black
  6. sass and bide misfits. very comfy.
    U might like seven mankind roxy too.
  7. ^^ my SA at NM told me that skinny jeans will be in for a while... most fall jeans will be skinny!
  8. If you find skinny jeans a little hard to get into, try on a few different brands on straight leg cut jeans. Some or cut rather close and are almost between skinny and regular. I find them to be a little more flattering as it still balences out the tighs and butt but is yet funky and very "now".
  9. Thank you all. Sounds like I have some research to do :O)
  10. Okay ... confession time ... I'm over the BIG 3-0 too ... and I'm not a size 2 (more like a 10-12), so I searched around for the best Skinny jeans for someone like me.

    First of all ... you probably don't want to get anything that has less than a 14" leg circumference (at the bottom). Anything less than that will make anyone (except Kate Moss or Siena Miller) look like a stuffed sausage!

    I have found J Brand jeans to be the most forgiving (plus they are so stretchy that you can actually go DOWN a size ... always a plus for the ego!). I've also found that Paige Premium Denim is wonderful and fits really well (also somewhat forgiving)!
  11. J Brand is "the" skinny jean to have. I love how they look on the right body but I will not be participating in this trend!!
  12. Frankie B's has nice skinny jeans as well.

    the fergie style is great!
  13. J brand is great!
  14. joes jeans cigerette skinny:love:, hopefully picking it up by saturday!!