skinny jeans IN or on their way OUT?

  1. fashion experts pls edu me...

    I have finally found a pair of skinny jeans that looks good on me. I know I am a bit late to this trend but it's hard to find skinny jeans for someone that have wide hips like me.

    I am wondering are they still IN or on their way OUT?

  2. Hi cxyvr,
    To me personally, I think skinny jeans are still in. I'm also trying to find a pair for myself. Enjoy yours!
  3. I love skinny jeans. Wide leg jeans are coming out for Spring.
  4. They're still in IMO. The stores are selling them faster than bootcut or flared. I would just wear whatever looks good for your body type and don't worry about trends.
  5. Agreed. Definitely in!

    I envy all of you who can pull them off! I'll watch from the sidelines. Boo hoo.
  6. "IN" as in it'll become a staple, however whats in style now is wide/trouser type legs for spring.
  7. I think they are "in" and I hope they stay in, because they look so great with ballet flats. I do kinda miss the flares though. I am not as much into the wide leg look . . . it looks great on people with no/narrow/boyish hips . . . (which is not the majority) I will wear the wider leg if they are a capri . . . I just would love it if we can always wear all styles (and be considered "in"), because it is more fun to switch around with all the styles . . .
  8. I think they are still in! Regardless, you should still wear them!
  9. I think it's "in" time has passed because designers are now pushing high waists and wider legs. However, it's going to be a staple for a long time now because everyone's wearing it and they've gotten used to it. It's a style that can work on lots of people so it's definitely worth it to have skinny jeans. I love them so much that it's the only cut I can imagine myself wearing for now.
  10. exactly. they're no longer so prevelent on the runway in RTW collections because they are so predictable, and at this point unoriginal (for designers wanting to be at the cutting edge and well ahead of trends) , but I think they'll stay huge for a few years atleast. I think high waists will blend into some options for the skinny, and we well start to see more wide legs, but they seem like the type of thing I would buy a pair of in addition to skinnies, not as a replacement to them/
  11. still in!
  12. :yes:

    Trendwise, technically, skinnies are no longer "in".

    However, I think skinnies will remain for a while, just cos SO many people have picked it up as a comfort style, so I think your buying this pair of skinnies will work for you, for at least a couple of years (or more if you don't really follow trends :p).

    Ditto the leggings trend versus bare legs, which is the IN thing now :rolleyes:
  13. I hope they stay a while longer, because I prefer them over the variety with wider legs.
  14. I hope they go out as soon as possible, since I hate them for me. :p

    But I think you should wear them, irregardless of if they are "in" or not.
  15. I think skinny's have just become another option, but not the only option. I still wear mine along with my boot cut.