Skinny Jeans: How tight is tight?

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  1. I'm looking for ankle length or capri length skinnies for Spring to wear with ballet flats and wedges. Not too many styles to choose from at this point, but I ran across these D&G jeans online at Saks for pre-order. I own my fair share of tight jeans, but these look like they would take the cake. I'm not sure I would be able sit.


  2. Those look wayyy too fitting for me.. kind of like denim leggings. :amuse:
  3. Go with a capri length, these pics above look so tight that it looks cheap and trashy to me. They're not even flattering on the model, and she's a model.
  4. I wonder if there is any blood circulation below her waist! :wtf:
  5. I would look horrible in those. I tried on a bunch of skinny pants (no jeans yet) and every single pair made me look like a dufus. I think they look good on a very skinny girl with thin hips but I don't see how someone like me (short with big thighs) could look like anything but a bloated pear in those.
  6. Lol~I remember when I got my first pair of J-BRAND 10' skinny jeans, I looked just like that. Well...they fitted much better a few days later.:yes:
  7. If you can make out the value of coins in the pockets, then they are too tight! ;)

  8. Exactly what I was thinking!! :p
  9. if they don't have some stretch I would not buy.
  10. I also think they look like leggings.
  11. too tight and wont flatter so many types! if you want something that tight, go for leggings.
  12. Yeah, those are leggings. Anyone who wears that is going to look like a stuffed sausage once they walk or do any kind of movement. It's going to start bunching in the thigh area.
  13. way too tight!
  14. as long as i can still squeeze out a fart ill wear em, the tighter the better!!
  15. Those are like leggings - too tight, IMO.