Skinny jeans: How skinny (10", 12" or 14") should we go for non-model body?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Please share your experience with your skinny jeans? There are many options out there from straight to pegged legs. Which leg opening do you usually go for?

    Would it look better with or without scrunchy hems?
  2. Pegged looks good on very few people. Maybe on the Olsen skeletons.

    I think straight is the most flattering, and if you are a bigger gal, don't wear 'em real tight, get ones that fit perfectly, or have the alterations done to make them fit perfectly. And no high waists, ugh

    Just my .02 cents ;o) which is about what my opinion is worth
  3. I never even noticed the openings of the legs...I think I have pipe-leg? It looks good on me. I am more of a bootcut/flare girl because I'm pear-shaped, so I'm not up on the names for skinnies. I do have to agree with chessmont in saying that straight leg is the most flattering, though.
  4. I agree with the above comments - if you aren't model thin, then a straight leg jean will be the most flattering cut. Plus, they're more comfortable!
  5. I lovelovelove skinny jeans, but my calves aren't so bangin', so straight-leg looks best on me. Straight boot-cut jeans give the SAME effect as skinny jeans do if you aren't an Olsen twin. ;)
  6. i have a curvy body and i used a 10" but i also have short legs.
    right now my favorite skinnies are J Brand but i needed to size up since i had a mishap with my actual size. let's just say it was a good thing i was home.

    ETA: i thought the inches had to do with the inseam?!?!:confused1:
    b/c my 10" were definitely shorter than the 14".
  7. After wearing skinny jeans for a while... i found it difficult to go back to straight/bootcut- because even these seemed to be to wide for me. BUT.... i agree with everyone- if you want the effect of skinny but you're not model thin- then definately go for the straight; but i don't think that you have to be stick skinny to wear skinny jeans~ i see so many people wearing them (whether or not they have nice legs).... and i think that it actually accentuates your body more and makes you look thinner.

    I'm deciding to play with the styles a little .... i'm waiting for the current/elliot jeans (i've pre-ordered 3).... and i'm looking forward to the bell bottoms (i remember i used to wear them a lot in middle/high school)- also they're so much more forgiving on your legs- you can breathe in them lol.
  8. I have two j brand skinnies in 10" but I guess you could say I have skinny calves and ankles. But I don't really have hips so the skinny leg opening gives off the illusion that I do.
  9. I agree that straight legs give the same effect as skinny jeans on thicker legs. I have athletic legs and true skinny jeans are simply too tight and too pegged to be comfortable or flattering. But straight legs are body-conscious without being unflattering.
  10. i have shapely calves and can't get a 10" or 12" over them. the 14" fit perfectly and still give me the skinny jean look.
  11. i don't have a model body (size 10 usually) and i wear 12''! i love my skinny jeans...they don't cling to my calves like some celeb skinny jeans, which i love cause that would look ridic on me! i have 4 pairs of skinny jeans, i love them
  12. i have super skinny calves but more normal thighs (maybe even a tad large compared to other girls my size :shame:smile: so the really super tight "peg leg" jeans just look ridiculous on me because they are all gappy on the bottom and skin-tight on the top. Straight-leg is much more forgiving while giving you a similar look.
    As for "scrunchy hems," i assume you mean when the jeans are a bit too long and scrunch up a bit around your ankles? I kinda like the scrunchy thing...
  13. Not a model here, 5'1" & 115 lbs (w/ a long torso, short legs). I have JBrand in 10 inch & 12 inch & I feel both are flattering to me. I'm guessing the only way to know if a pair of jeans looks good is to try them on & trust your instincts.
  14. 14 inches is more of a straight leg IMO. I wear straight leg jeans because I feel like they are more flattering than skinny jeans less than 14 inches.
  15. I like them all on me. the 10" is definitely hard to get past my calves and ankles, but I think those are the only ones I can tuck into my boots. Cuz of this and the similarity in looks, the 12" is pretty useless to me at the moment.