Skinny jeans are all the rage – but do they look good on guys?

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  2. I don't like them on guys. I guess if they have a killer body they might look good, but to me it's just a bad fashion statement.
  3. no!
  4. sydney boys wear this look very well ;)
  5. Depends of the guy !! But then I like them worn low crotch, and a bit too long, it looks good bc more messy, and not 80´s WHAM !!
  6. I dunno... But look at Karl Lagerfeld, he's got the biggest smile I've ever seen on him:wtf: And are those Uggs he's wearing?
  7. Only on very thin guys!
  8. I like this look on men.:yes:
  9. I like the look. :graucho:

  10. Looks like it! :yes:
  11. being someone who's guilty of committing the "crime" of wearing skinny jeans, i find that it's pretty alright to wear skinny's only wrong if a guy is skinny to the point of his legs look like little match sticks. i like the way jude law wears his skinny jeans..and i actually like wearing skinny jeans too..and no, i'm not skinny. haha. as i've said before, i've got a rugby-ish frame, but i'm not bulky at all.
  12. i love it! as long as the legs aren't toooooo skinny (but that applies for girls too) or of course too fat. but umm some of the above are flares, surely?
  13. Mr. Slimane might love it, but I don't- it's either too feminine or too punk for my style.
  14. In my opinion "the boys" started this trend a long time ago. Guys from some circles have been wearing skinnys for a while now.
  15. No. (is he, like, made of wax?)
    Yes. (but lose the nipple rings)