Skinny jeans anybody?

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  1. For a long time I couldn't quite decide if I loved them or hated them. Then I got a pair of boots that I love and I need to get a pair of skinny jeans to go with the long boots.

    So ... which brand(s) of skinny jeans are the sexiest (but comfortable too)? Show us pictures of you rocking your skinny jeans!


    p.s. please point me to the thread if one already exists. I did a search on 'skinny' and the list was just too long ...
  2. i don't have pics of me wearing them but i recently bought a pair of paige skinny's and sfam skinny's that i love!!!
  3. I love my Paige Pacific Heights skinny jeans and my True Religion skinny jeans
  4. I have a pair from the Gap that I love. However I am retaining more water than the Hoover Dam right now so you'll have to wait for pics....
  5. Paige blue heights and skyline peg are my faves!
  6. Citizens of Humanity! I ordered my first skinny pair a few weeks ago and now have 2 more coming! They're tight and stylish without being uncomfortable!
  7. I'm the cheap one here with my original Levi's! I have the outlaw skinny in Steel:


    and the skinny 503 in a couple of shades:


    I never spend much on trendy clothing items, so Levi's is perfect for me. Also, they last for ages...much longer than any pair of Gap jeans that I have ever owned.
  8. Earnest Sewn Harlans! :yes:

    They are REALLY skinny though - like one step away from leggings - can't wear them if I'm having a fat day:P but I love them anyway.
  9. I also have a pair of skinny Levi's & I love them!
  10. i like Salt works "14th Street" jeans...they are skinny but not TOO skinny....and actually Abercrombie makes some good ones too, at a lower price.
  11. Oh yeah, I like Abercrombies skinny jeans too! :yes: They're more straight-leg than tappered. Much more forgiving.
  12. J Brand 10"....I absolutely love them. They also come in 12" and 14" if you don't like them too tight at the ankles.
  13. I love skinny jeans tucked on my boots..I am not best candidate for skinny jeans, but who cares..I ware them.
    here some pics of my Union jeans
    with pumps
    and these are my True Religion Bill, they are more straight leg.
  14. I love my seven for all mankind in Dakota wash. I liked them better than the other seven skinny. It is the Roxanne cut and you can find them on eluxury. I got mine at Hudson Belk in Raleigh. Good luck! Sorry no pictures, but picture the most incredible body in jeans and thats them.:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I have a nice pair from Express, I am usually a designer denim girl,but I love these alot!:yahoo: