skinny jeans, any suggestions?

  1. I realise i'm like a year behind the whole skinny jeans trend, but i want a pair now! I'm pretty short and i have short legs so skinny jeans never really looked good on me. And i run 4 times a week so i have muscle on my thigh and really tight pants just never looked great on me. But now i really want a pair...i have some cute pumps that i'm sick of hiding under my jeans.

    Can anyone give me suggestion for what brand of skinny jeans fit well on someone short? I'm 5'2 with kinda short legs.

  2. i was like you before i started wearing skinny jeans! - i always thought my thighs were to big and i thought it looked bad! but after my co-worker convinced me to buy a pair, thats all ive been wearing!

    the only brands i have for skinnys are citizens, earnest sewn, and esprit...i would say my citizens fit the best for me - im 5"3 and....i think i have average length legs...
  3. Try Diesel Matic's!!!
    I'm 5'1 and have muscular legs, they're the only ones which look good on me! I have tried R&R's, TR's, Siwy, SFAM...well, almost everything! And pick a dark blue wash or a black wash to look slimmer ;)
  4. Hi azhangie! Haven't seen your posts for a while!

    I think the cardinal sin with short legs and skinnies is flats. If you're wearing pumps, however, go right ahead!

    I think the most important thing is fit around the waist, pelvic/crotch and thigh area. The rest you can have altered, but those areas are crucial for a jean to look good.

    What brand do you usually wear? Perhaps see if they have a skinny fit? Most brands do nowadays. Don't worry too much about the length - buy what suits your body shape and have the hems tailored with the original seam sewn back on so they look like they've never been hemmed.

    Hope this makes sense!
  5. Without a doubt, my very favourites are Blue Cult 'Duff's'. They're sensational! Agree with the others on buying a darker pair to have a slimming effect.
  6. True Religion Stellas.......awesome fit!
  7. í'm another petite (5'2") and used to be afraid of skinny jeans, but i love them now! just give yourself some time to get used to it

    i would recommend j-brands, definitely! you can try for the 10 inch leg with a 29 inch inseam... no money out on alterations :love:

    if you're really apprehensive, you can start off with a good pair of straight legs, like j brand 14 inch cigarette jeans or paige melrose. good luck! :smile:
  8. I have Paige Denim skinny jeans..when I was trying them on they had the skinny jeans that tapered in close to your leg then the jeans that are fitted through the top but open just a little bit more around your calf so your leg is better proportioned throughout the whole thing. Thats the one thing I hate w/ another pair of my skinny jeans. My thighs look really thick at top and my calf really skinny so it makes my thighs look huge then. I know that sounds like Im saying straight leg jeans but these jeans weren't straight legs...still skinny legs just a bit roomier in the calf.
  9. J-brands are awesome, so are Nobody (I got these in a straight leg, though) If you want cheap, then try Mango or Topshop...depends on where you live!

    I'm almost 5'4" and I have 6 pairs of skinny jeans. J-brands are perfect on me. My sister likes Superfine or Goldsign.
  10. I agree with J-Brand..I have a couple of pairs and they all fit me awesomely. I'm also 5'2 with short legs..I got the 10inch ones.
  11. I have Citizens of Humanity Ava, and I really like them. However, they are more like a combo between straight and skinny, because they don't seem super tight around my leg or anything so maybe that would work better for you. I don't really like the super tapered ones on that are tight down to the ankle, so the Ava's give a nice combo. I also have a true religion pair that I really like, but I don't know what they are called.
  12. I'm short, too and love the jeans that are in between skinny and straight. They're more flattering than the skinny ankle kind. William Rast Sadie is a good fit and JBrand makes a cigarette leg jeans that I like.
  13. Thanks everyone for ur recommendations!

    I usually wear frankie b's and thier skinny jeans are way tooo small for me...they're really ugly on me. I tried on a pair once and it made me want hit the gym that moment and run 20 miles. I think after that i gave up on the skinny jean trend.

    And flat shoes are totally unflaterring on me...i look even shorter and stubbier. Its gross. I've heard great things about jbrand jeans...but some of the skinny jeans i've seen are sooooo skinny at the bottom, its a bit scary. I think i'll stop by Saks and try on every pair they have, when i have the time.

    i_wona - I've been around still!!! Just kind of lurking. I've trying to control my urges to buy another bag/shoes/clothes in general...the deals and steals forum doesnt help at all. I have this uncontrollable urge to buy anything LV that's limited edition and the latest LE's are way over my i'm going to distract myself with skinny jeans this summer.
  14. I m 5'2 too. I have a couple pair of skinny but the one that is my fav. is paige (Blue height) I do not hem them. I just wear them like that. the ankle length make me look short. You will need a little time to get used to the look and you will love it.
  15. I'm 5'2" also. I have Blue Cult and Marc by Marc Jacobs and love them both because I didn't have to get them hemmed!