skinny jeans? (and sizing)

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  1. So I tried on this pair of Ben Sherman skinny jeans yesterday and although I felt a little fat, they looked way better than I thought they would. I didn't like the wash though.
    So home I came to online shop/ebay that junk. I don't want to spend much (not more than $80 or so) unless someone can convince me that this trend is here to STAY like bootcuts I'm a little concerned about the auction I ended up bidding on. I just bought non-stretch pants yesterday that are a juniors size 3. I wear a 27 in both Citizens and D&G (my favorite jeans). I DON'T think that makes me a US size 8 or a UK size 10, but the measurements on the auction match up with (in fact, are an inch smaller than - due to stretch) my current pairs of pants' waist measurements (low-rise 27s measure 30" across the waistband so they fit on my hips).
    So does this make me a size 8 now :sad2: ? can anybody experienced in UK sizing help me out?
    Man, I love waist sizing. I'm never off by more than an inch.
  2. I would say no. In misses jeans, I wear a 6, in juniors I wear a 7. I tried on 1921 jeans the other day (and they say they run small) and I wore a 29. I fit into the 28 and SA said that was the right size...but for an almost 40 Mom of two, they were a bit to snug for me.

  3. No. You are a 4 if you are a 27 in jeans. Juniors sizing is totally different, my recommendation would be to try on clothes that are misses, not juniors in order to find your real size...Also, stretch jeans will run as size or 2 larger than rigid.
  4. I have a similar question. I wear size 0 (in Express Jeans or Victoria's Secret pants) what size would that be...26, 27 etc? I know sizes get big after awhile coz of the stretch material (that's the problem I am having with all my stretch jeans) I'm in search for a pair of skinny jeans myself. Not necessarily too skinny but more tight fitting around the thighs. What do you guys think of Sevens? I've never tried a pair on but people swear by them.
  5. i wear a 26 or 27 which is the same as 2 or 4. also i get size 5 in juniors...but it's been a while since i've bought jeans in a junior size and i don't think i've gotten bigger.

  6. If you normally wear a 0 US it is commonly a size 25 , sometimes diffrent brands go lower like Paper denim and cloth makes a 24, but that should be about right at 25 :lol:
  7. Express runs big though...they vanity size. I would think you are a 25 or a 26.