Skinny jeans. Age limit?

  1. Hi. Do you think that there is an age, beyond which, the skinny jean starts to look too "trendy"? I know it all depends on the body habitus and preferences of the wearer, however, I was wondering if it seems to be a style more for the girl in her twenties? What do you think?
  2. i think that they're extremely versatile since they're so lean and tailored. i could see a woman in her 50s or 60s wearing them with a crisp white button down and chic flats and looking fabulous and age-appropriate. with something basic like jeans, the appropriateness depends largely on what you pair with it, i think.
  3. I don't think it's an age thing at all. I think it's a body issue. I'm a size 14 and there is NO way you'd get me in those things! I'd end up looking like an ice cream cone!
  4. lol i bought a pair of white jeans about 2 months ago and didnt realise they were skinnies! well i dont quite fit into the 'skinny' part of the skinny jeans name (im not skinny) they looked AWFUL and i always seen teens who arent skinny wearing them... i just wouldnt go there. Plus i dont have an arse so they looked even worse, they were like falling down as i walked (in my room)... easy enough to guess i took them back next day
  5. I think there is a body limit on who can wear them on some body types it just doesn't work. As for age that just depends on what else you wear them with and the wash of the jeans.
  6. My personal cut-off point will be any time after 80. Living in a rest home. Staring out the window. With drool running down my chin. Still on TPF though! (hey - I'll have nothing but time by then!)
  7. Yes! :yes: I bow to bagnshoo, who always says it best :flowers:
  8. ^^ it doesnt matter if those girls you saw arent skinny, if they feel comfortable wearing them then more power to them. i think as long as your comfortable wearing them then there is no limit, i also think it would be really chic with a crisp white blouse and flats.
  9. theres no age limit, in my opinion on skinny jeans, but def a body type limit.
  10. I have to agree with you:yes:
  11. I think they are most appropriate for really skinny bodies. I have the older style skinny jeans--that is, straight legs, not boot cut, but they don't look like denim tights. I think the new skinnies are too skinny for me. They would make me feel like a fashion victim. But, for really skinny women, more power to you!
  12. i'm also a 14, and i figured they'd look horrible on me, but i tried them on and was WOWED. you definately have to be particular about the cut (TOO tapered and you look completely silly, but if it's more of a straight than a taper then you're in business) if you're not small, but i was surprised at how slimming the effect was. i was talking with a salesgirl at the store that was a 16 and she said that she was also really surprised that they were at all flattering on her - she had initially tried them on because of a joke with her coworker.

    maybe i'm different because i go straight down with absolutely no hips, so it really hilights my relative narrowness through that area of my body, but the salesgirl had larger hips and said that they didn't look nearly as terrible as she thought they would on her.

    so the moral of the story is, you never know until you try them on! many larger girls that you see out there probably look less than great in them because most of them don't know how to dress for their bodies, particularly if they're young (it's harder than you'd think to find nice clothes larger than even a size 10, especially on a budget), not because their jeans were skinny (but maybe because they were skinny and badly cut).
  13. SAME HERE:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I do not believe in age limits -- if it looks good, wear it!

  14. HeHeHe!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Ditto! :yes:
  15. as long as you have nice legs...........