Skinny Jean Question

  1. I'm normally a 26 I want to by a pair of skinnies on line (Siwy Jeans, anyone familiar with this brand??) but they are final sale and I have no idea whether to get the 26 or 27?? I have no butt :sad:, hips, or waist, it's my thighs I'm worried about fitting. Do you guys normally go a size up for skinny jeans?
  2. it really depends on how much stretch the jean has. can you check?
  3. I would say that if possible, you should just order 2 sizes and see how they fit and return the one that doesn't. I think if you order from some websites (like I think), they do free returns.

    As for sizing in general, it really varies from brand to brand. Do you have any other brands of skinny jeans? I would just order in the size you wear in that, and maybe a size down also.
  4. They have 2% Lycra.

    filtered vanilla I always order two sizes (mostly for dresses) when I shop online. I'm ordering these jeans from Shopbop, it's a final sale and it says they are none returnable. I have one pair of true religion skinnies my size 26. I tried on a pair of seven skinnies size 26, they were too tight. That's why I'm so confused!

    Maye I'll just get the 27?
  5. I wear a 27 in TR skinnies (Julie & Stella) and in 7FAM (Roxanne). I ordered size 27 Siwi skinny jeans from Shopbop and couldn't get them past my thighs. Hope that helps.
    Personally, I never order final sale (not returnable items) ever...unless I already owned te identical item.
  6. Thanks, that really helps!!! Im gonna go for the 27. And I normally wouldn't buy non returnables either(unless I was for sure) but I really need this particular color.!

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  7. for siwy, i'm between 23/24 and i have a lot of difficulty getting 25 past my thighs and the waist is really big.
  8. i had the exact same problem I bought a pair of 26 and there fine but it was too long for me so i got them hem'ed

    oops never mind i didnt know you were talking about a specific brand...... and i cant delete my message soo just ignore this i guess lol :shame:
  9. for skinnies I tend to size down, but like it's been said, usually depends on the brand
  10. try to have what makes you comfortable between two sizes..
  11. Siwy runs very small in my opinion. I'd definitely size up.