Skinny jean holder things?

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  1. I saw a thread awhile back about these things that keep jeans down in boots. I tried to search for it, but couldn't find it. They were like suspenders but for the foot. It clips on either side of the jean and keeps your pants from riding up from the boots. I have NO clue what it's called. I hope my description is enough for someone to tell me. I really want to get one before winter comes. I want my jeans to stay down in my boots. TIA!
  2. not sure what the thing is your on bout but i swear by knee high socks i always wear them when i want tuck my jeans in over my pants and it never fails
  3. ff83, it seems like you're looking for something like this only for pants/jeans...yes. This would work like a stirrup under your foot, holding the jeans in your boots.

    This is a kids mitten clip but the principle is the same:

    If I run across any specifically for jeans I'll post the link.
  4. I think I know exactly what you're talking about. They make special pant clips for riding breeches. You can get them at any english saddle shop.


    These are from The exact link is:
    I've ordered from them before and they're great :tup:
  5. flungflung you're completely right that there is a product made specifically for the jeans/boots trend now, there were threads about it last winter, and it was featured in several magazines like Lucky...

    but I have 0 memory, sorry :shame:
  6. WooHoo Claire gets the cookie. I think that is what would do the trick. Hmm, wonder if stirrup pants will make a come back. Hee-hee!
  7. ^ I have seen a few pairs of stirrup pants this season. I'm okay with it as long as the stirrups stay under the boots! lol :upsidedown:
  8. I would think the mitten clips would end up being too short. How come there is no price on that statelinetrack site?
  9. ^ Oh that's weird :confused1:

    When you add it to the cart the price shows up $3.99 (which is correct).
  10. Thanks!! Going to need this when the winter comes for sure!
  11. you could always use high socks too
  12. THANKS! That's what I saw, but the picture had some girl wearing them with her jeans. These will do too! I just ordered myself some.
  13. I've been using mitten clips for years!

    They work perfectly for me and are very inexpensive.
  14. I am ashamed to admit this but I use mitten clips sometimes to clip my jeans to my bra to keep them from dropping a little as they stretch. My middle is bigger than the rest of me so sometimes they slide down a bit. Its hideous!