Skinny Cargo Styling Tips -- Boots/Booties

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  1. Hi, I recently purchased a pair of skinny cargo pants and I have no idea what shoes to wear with them. I want to wear them with cute booties, but I've bought about 6 different pairs and hated them all.

    I would welcome any advice, tips and/or pictures of you wearing your own skinny cargos with boots/booties! Thanks in advance.

    Here are my skinny cargos:

    (in army)

    Some of the booties I considered:

    HELP!!! :shrugs:
  2. the pam project imo

    (#2 wouldn't open)
  3. ^ I agree! Those are super cute.
    Dukeprincess I have the same cargos! I bought them yesterday :biggrin: we are cargo twins! When I bought them, I envisioned wearing them with wedges :smile:
  4. Pam Project 99144 + Cargo pants
  5. #5 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Thanks for the suggestions ladies!
  6. pam project all the way. that will look great! the other two aren't bad but no comparison to the third one.