Skinny ***** by Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman?

  1. I just finished reading Skinny *****. Has anyone here read the book?

    It advertises itself as a guide to getting skinny, but it's actually just pro-vegan propaganda in disguise. I'm a vegetarian and I find the whole militant veganism thing to be a little off-putting.

    I was wondering if anyone here has followed the recommendations in the book and if they've brought you any success?

  2. I've never heard of this book before, but I can only imagine that vegan does not necessarily equal skinny or even healthy for that matter. While some food are better to eat than others, the real way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.
  3. Well it does advocate cardio every day for 20 minutes.
    And the foods it recommends are not incredible high in the calorie count.

    Mostly it's all about "don't put crap in your body".

    I was hoping to hear from someone that tried it to see what they say.
  4. I was vegan for 10 years, and my weight didn't change from when I was vegan to when I ate meat. However, I think it did help me to eat healthy food and pay attention to what I was eating. From the perspective of nutrition, it's not a bad choice. However, I think that unless you live in a city with a lot of vegan restaurants ans stores that carry vegan products, it's a lot of work.
  5. I did not try it...but I HATED that book so much. I was soo pissed I wasted my money on it.
  6. Thanks soshesaid, that's the kind of information I was looking for.

  7. I don't even like the title!

    (I thought a Skinny ***** was a drink: Diet Coke nixed with Vodka)
  8. I read this book last year and OMG!!! I loved their attitude and how straight forward they were in the book (very intertaining) However the rest of it made me ill
  9. Yeah, I really felt ill at some of the things they said. I even skipped pages/sections that went into gory details. I'm amazed at the false advertising on the book cover.
  10. I saw this book for the first time at the bookstore yesterday. I skimmed through it and thought there were some interesting chapters. Most of it isn't new, but I do believe that some of what they include in the book is truthful. I so think that dairy is evil, but still find it difficult to totally give up dairy products. I am trying to move towards a no meat, no dairy diet. I didn't think the book would be helpful. I would also be interested in hearing about results from someone who followed the diet in the book.
  11. I too read the book. It was entertaining. I didn't expect the "become of vegan or you will die a slow painful death" thing it had going on. It's kind of unrealistic. It takes years for meat eating, dairy loving people to make that big of a transition. I'm all for people being vegans if it works for them, but I think if anyone tries to make all of those drastic changes just to lose weight, they will quickly crash and burn. Makes me really think I should stop drinking Diet Coke, though. LOL
  12. after i read the book, i did the vegan thing for a month. it actually made me gain weight. the only way i could get full was from consuming carbs! the thing that really got me about the book was how they were so against diet coke... i live on diet coke :smile:
  13. What's wrong with dairy products? Are they considered unhealthy or morally objectionable?
  14. Well I guess they're objectionable for the same reasons factory farms are. I skipped most of the graphic sections on why you shouldn't eat animals. (I am a vegetarian anyways.)

    But they also talk a lot about how fattening dairy is.
  15. I think that the dairy issue is mostly that humans are the only animals consume dairy (or is that milk??) and that the body was not ever designed to tolerate or digest dairy.