Skinnier skinny jeans

  1. Does True Religion offer a style of skinny jean that is skinnier than Johnny? I :heart: :heart: :heart: my TR Johnny's, but now that I have totally accepted the whole skinny-jean look on my body, I think I want a slightly skinnier version.

    I have thought about the J Brand 10", but I think I would need a couple glasses of wine in me before I would think those would look good on me.
  2. Yup, they totally do. Check out the "Julie" I have them in black and love them! I know they sell them on
  3. Shoeangel....starting sucking down the wine and get yourself a pair of the J Brand 10" you will absolutely love them.
  4. Yes, if you scroll down almost to the bottom of the revolveclothing site you will see super skinny jeans. I'm thinking of ordering Johnnies from them tomorrow actually -- that's skinny enough for me right now:smile:
  5. if you want super skinny jeans (which I love) the J Brand
    10" (the knee is 12" and the calf area is 10") and Tsubis are the skinniest I've ever found/worn.
  6. ^^I agree, Tsubis are the skinniest I've tried. I have the black ones with the small zippers on the sides and they are AMAZING! So hot with heels!
  7. i haven't tried tsubis for some weird reason, but some superfines are sooo skinny that my leg doesn't go all the way in, most jeans are the right length for me but other than the waxed style superfine liberties (not to mention super skinnies) are so narrow my legs stop going in with about 10cm of jeans dangling off my toes! that's pretty depressing really considering i'd be trying two sizes up from my regular size :wtf:
  8. Thanks! I forgot all about Revolve. Last night I ordered the Julie's in Dark Urban Cowboy. They're 11" at the ankle. We'll see how these go.
  9. try Rock& fav:girlsigh:
  10. Would you recommend skinny jeans for those with slightly larger calves? I'm pretty skinny overall...thighs are thin but my calves are a tad more muscular than I'd like so I've been avoiding the whole skinny jeans trend. What do you all think?