Skincolor de La Mer

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  1. I saw the new line of La Mer foundation and powder in my new Holt Renfrew catalogue, and was wondering if anyone has tried it? I'm looking for a new foundation. Thanks!
  2. I did not like the foundation, it felt too thick and I felt I was sold the wrong color....I also bought the powder which I loved. I was able to get a few samples of the powder before I found one that I felt was a perfect match.
  3. my mom got a sample of it and REALLY likes it, and she's super picky. she has dry skin, i don't think it would be good for someone with normal to oily skin, based on what she's told me.
  4. I'm eager to try their foundation too
  5. Hmm...I guess it would be too moisturizing for my skin as it is anything but dry! I'd still be curious to try it though.
  6. Nothing great, I prefer La Prairie or Chanel.
  7. I heard that Avril Lavinge wore it for her wedding.
  8. I've never worn foundation before and needed something for the redness around my cheeks and nose so I decided to give this a try. I purchased the foundation that comes in the bottle not the jar. I absolutely LOVE how this gives me the coverage I need (I only use a small amount on a sponge) and it feels like I have nothing on my skin, actually, it looks like I have nothing on my skin (exactly what a foundation should do), just healthy, dewy, glowing skin, without anymore redness or dryness. This is the perfect foundation for anyone who has extremely dry skin, like myself. I then purcased the original creme for more moisture around my eye area and the moisturizing lotion which is superb. All products, 5 stars :smile:.