Skinceutiicals anyone?

  1. Anyone else here use Skinceuticals? I noticed not alot of people mentioning this line. I started on some of their products a couple of months ago. After finding my right mix, I'm pretty happy with them. The products have some really good reviews on Makeupalley, moreso than alot of the popular brands I've seen mentioned on here. Just curious if anyone had any feedback on this line? Thanks!
  2. I use their toner and sunscreen on the recommendation of my dermatologists' office. For all my other skin care, though, I use MD Forte. I wouldn't be opposeed to using more of their products, but my skin is reacting well to the combination of both lines so I don't want to mess with success!

    I do like the Skinceiuticals products a lot and usually order them from the or
  3. Thanks Leelee, if you don't mind me asking, what MD Forte products do you use? I've never tried any of those products before. Always on the lookout for something good though!
  4. I have a mask and a glycolic eye treatment a store (Blue Mercury) that I freelance as a makeup artist at for Laura Mercier sells skinceuticals among many other things.....they give me a discount when I work and many of the girls seem to like skinceuticals so I tried the couple of things, they're nice.
  5. I can't believe I forgot to mention my most very favorite Skinceuticals product.... their body polish scrub! I love the light, fresh scent.

    As for MD Forte, I am embarassed to admit how many jars and bottles I have from them. I have the glycolic cleanser in three different strengths as well as the facial lotion in three different strengths for use depending on the "mood" of my skin. I use their hydrating masque every other day and I also use their hand and body cream.

    I am quite pleased with their products, but I had to start off carefully as the glycolic acid took some getting used to!:smile:
  6. I use their C serum and phyto and I like them.

    I order their products from or
    skin-etc has lower price but they do charge shipping for order under $100.00. skinstore offers coupon code all the time, and you can get cash back through ebate. so just do a calculation to see which site would save you more money!

  8. Don't feel bad! You should see my drawer full of stuff! I've tried so hard to streamline my products & find a line that I really like. I used proactiv for years but now at 33, I'm needing something more anti-aging. Proactiv didn't have alot along the lines of that so I startred researching & found Skinceuticals on Makeupalley.

    I first bought the Clarifying Cleanser & burnt my face off, Whew, what a dose of salicylic acid. I don't have acne but like to use products that keep the pimples away. I switched to the Cleansing Cream & it's much more gentle.

    I also use the Equalizing Toner & the Eye Gel AOX+ & CE Ferulic for day. At night I use the Eye Renewal Cream & the Retinol 0.5 (but getting ready to up it to the 1.0)

    It's good stuff but some days it's a bit much for my face. I also need to get different levels of the products according to what my face feels like that day.
  9. I use their hydrating serum and their creams. I see a difference when I use their products.
  10. I can't believe I forgot to mention that I love their Cleansing Cream too...I think the one I use has the word "Gentle" in the name. Anyway, on some occassions it's just the right thing to use.

    It's nice to know you like their other products as well. I think next time I need to replemish my supply of stuff I'll give some of those things you mentioned a try. I really believe Skinceuticals is quality skin care. I'm glad you like it as well!:yes:
  11. I also use their hydrating serum ... gives my moisturizer more of a punch!
  12. Just a tip, read this on Makeupalley too..before you buy the full size bottles of the C serums, esp. the Ferulic, I suggest going on eBay & getting the trial size packs instead. It's a little box of 5 smaller bottles instead of 1 big one (& much cheaper $25ish vs. $125..) I had read that the C serums have a limited shelf life after opened & many people weren't able to finish the large bottles before they "turned". So opening & using each new smaller bottle will ensure they are fresh. Keeping them in the fridge helps them last longer too.

    Thanks to everyone else too! I'm glad you've had good experiences!
  13. I LOVE Skinceuticals! I'm a skincare junkie and this is the first time I've actually liked everything about a brand. First, it works (I have good skin but now dealing with 30+ age-related problems). Second, the scent is easy on the nose or sometimes seems scent-free. Third, the science behind it makes sense!

    I use:
    Cleansing Cream
    C E Ferulic
    Daily Moisture
    Renewal Eye Gel

    I get my serums from eBay! Looking to purchase Hydrating B5 and Phyto+ next!
  14. Hey acegirl -- i used Skinceuticals serum awhile back and then switched to different brands (PSF skincare and Vivier -- just as good IMHO but less expensive) and am now back to Skinceuticals only because I heard the CE w/ferulic is great. I buy the full size bottles but I transfer some of the serum to a smaller bottle and use that one so that I don't open the large one as often. What makes the serum turn/oxidize (I believe) is the exposure to air so by transferring a ten day supply to the smaller bottle(s), I don't open the larger as much.

    As for other products by Skinceuticals, I have used their night cream and the Phyto products and liked both. Now though I am using mostly PSF, Decleor and Dermalogica. Only Skinceuticals I use is the CE Ferulic.

    I have the MD Forte lotion with glycolic but I have stopped using glycoloc lately. I am a skincare junkie and like to see how different products work on me. I
  15. ^ Hey Chi! Great idea, never thought about transferring the serum to a smaller bottle. Makes sense:yes: I would love to find that holy grail skincare line. I do really like the Skinceuticals but as I said before, it sometimes make my face a little red. I can actually see a pink line around/under my chin. I think it might be the Equalizing Toner or the Cleansing Cream doing it but am not sure..

    Yes, everything I've read about the latest, greatest skincare has raved about the CE Ferulic. That is one thing I'll definitely keep using!

    I was thinking of trying the MD Forte. Can I ask why you stopped using it? Did you have a reaction to it?

    I just bought Clinique's 3 step system too. Haven't started using it yet. Thinking of just trying the Clinique cleanser & toner along with my Skinceuticals & seeing if the redness goes away.