skinceuticals sunblock question

  1. I finally got hold of some skinceuticals sunblock SPF30 with titanium dioxide.. have been dying to try this... but can i apply this on clean skin then put foundation on top of this ??
  2. Sure, why not?!
  3. Yes, you apply moisturizer (if you use one), then SPF, then make-up.
  4. Order would be serum, sunblock, then makeup. If you don't use a product, then just skip that step. Most sunscreens have enough moisture that you don't need an extra moisturizer, but if you do, apply after a serum.
  5. Reviving this because I just got a sample. What came out was this runny, brownish (like tinted moisturiser) stuff. Got it from a spa so I'm sure it's real. Is this what colour it's supposed to be? I've never seen sunscreen that wasn't white.

  6. Was it the Physical Fusion SPF 50? it has a tint. The SPF 30 is suppose to be white...I don't think it's tinted.
  7. If it's the Physical Fushion then, yes, it would be tinted (brownish).
    Just wanted to mention that although I love Skinceuticals products, I've never been thrilled with their sunscreen (it always feels heavy). I took a chance and purchased the L'oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen in SPF50 (it can be purchased at any grocery store, drug store, etc. and it comes in about the same size bottle as the Skinceuticals). It is heavenly! It's the first sunscreen that feels COMPLETELY weightless on my face and it even has a nice smooth finish that makes my mineral powder just glide on. I'm sure that the Skinceuticals in healthier for your skin (natural vs. chemical), but I'm sticking with the L'oreal.
  8. Thanks, gals! Thanks also for the tip about the L'oreal stuff. Does it have Zinc? Someone recommended the Skinsceuticals to me because of the zinc, but I could've sworn I've read literature about zinc being BAD for you. I guess there's a case for every side. *shrugs*

    I will check out L'oreal after I give Skinceuticals a bit of a go. Speaking of which, who carries this? Any specific brick and mortars? Or cheap online places?
  9. ^No, that's what I was saying about natural vs. chemical. I think that the Skinceuticals has more natural ingredients and the L'oreal has more chemical ones. However, I'm willing to make that trade-off because there are times when I don't want to use the Skinceuticals because of the way it feels on my face (heavy and sticky). I actually want to use the L'oreal and I got my sister hooked on it too. It really is the only sunscreen that I've tried that feels good on my face (and I've tried SO many...).
  10. you bought the one labeled "skin tone." i have it too and LOOOOOOOVE it. it's almost like a tinted moisturizer on my skin and i do put moisturizer before this. make sure you shake it well. i love skinceuticals' products!