Skincare suggestions

  1. I need some help!

    My skin is such a mess right now.

    Somedays it looks fine and other days it is a mess. Are there any miracle products that could help!? thanks
  2. Proactive is an amazing skin product line and tons of celebrities use it.

    What's wrong with your skin? knowing details would help. I'm a total skincare expert having tried almost every product I could find, and now I do have good skin but it took a while.

    SkinMD is great.
    So is Creme de la Mer for moisturizing, best product on the market.
    Sephora is the best place to go and get free samples

    Let me know and I will try to recommend something specific
    you can pm me if you want
  3. Lots of people on the forum complaining about proactive.....
    I was suffering from horrible breakouts when I hit 30 and found that the best thing for me was Kiss my face 100% olive oil soap...
    Now I cannot live without it...I wash my face only with this soap and it keeps my face clear....
  4. Really? That's amazing. I'll go check that out but it did wonders for me for medication-related acne. I'm sure it depends what you're using it for.

    Bar soap is the worst thing you can use on your face. Determining your skin type and exoliating is super important.
  5. Hi! I'm a dermatologist and I wish to help. What in particular are you having on your face right now? Is it pimples? Oily skin? Dark spots? because that would entail entirely different management.
  6. OMG, I hit 30 and my face is awful too!!

    I have been on the Obagi Nu Derm line for about 16 weeks now and my face looks HORRIBLE. It is dry and cracked yet I all of a sudden have like three cystic pimples! Obago made my skin great at first and now it is a nightmare. I was told that after the 8 week mark, my face would look AMAZING and it did look pretty good, now it is downright awful.

    I so hate my skin right now.
  7. Ok, I my skin was just like yours with sometime breakouts and sometimes it was fine. I have combo oily/normal skin and I was getting fed up with always having a blemish or two on my face. I used proactiv for a while and it worked but my I developed sensitivity to it and had to stop using it because it was making my face itch like crazy. 2ish weeks ago I started using the Clinique 3-step skincare system and my face has never looked better. I have no blemishes and my complexion is so smooth. I def recommend the 3 step system.
  8. What is your diet like?
  9. I started taking Evening Primrose Oil and it made my skin so soft and smooth, even took away whatever pimples I had. You might want to do some research on it before taking it but I loved it. I also take fish oil, hemp and flax.

    I too have used many skincare lines and find myself a pro lol. I just bought Wei East China Herbal kit from HSN and really like it. I like Philosophy as well as kiehls. You'll just have to try different brands and see what works for you. See if you can go to several different counters and get samples.