skincare : so many problems, so many to ?

  1. Hey ladies, how do you deal with your skin routine when there are different areas you want to treat ?
    You know it's like when you go on a skincare website and on 1 side you pick your skin type and on the other your "specific problem", but can't do both, KWIM ??
    I have a combination skin prone to pimples on TZone, dry and sensitive on cheeks in the winter, and first aging I try different things and haven't found the perfect routine yet. Anti acne treatment the evening, then night anti aging cream another evening ? Is it OK to mix it w. my advanced night repair serum ?
    I am confused....

    Here is my routine, but I don't know where to fit the anti acne cream, with my anti oxydant moisturizer ??? and also I realize how much mix and match I do between brands...maybe I need to stick to 1 but I don't know which:shrugs:

    1-cleanser.....Avene anti acne but too dry sometimes
    2-serum......Dr Brandt "C" in the morning, and Estee Lauder advanced night repair in the evening
    3-moisturizer......face : E.L daywear or Avene's Diacneal or Guerlain's happylogy(night)
    eyes : dermalogica multivitamin power + Dr Haushka "eye cream"
    4-foundation or tinted light moisturizer Lancome

    Opinions ? how do you do with your multiples "skin issues" ??
  2. I used to try and stick to just one brand, but that hasn't worked for me, really! I know what you mean about combination skin, and using so many products that it just seems like too much/a bad idea/COMPLICATED.

    Anyway, I use three different cleansers throughout the week. When my skin feels dry before I wash, I use a non-foaming cleanser (which I really thought wouldn't work, but I've been using it for about two months now with no issues). When my skin feels oily (or at least two times a week) I use a stronger foaming cleanser, and once a week, I use a scrub.

    I've found that this has really helped my skin, and it might be a good thing for you to try. Use the anti-acne cleanser once a day, or even every other day, and use a gentler one in between. As for the rest, I tend to try not to mix 'treatments'. Now, I'll use a mask and then use my regular serum, but if I'm going to use say, an anti-acne serum, I won't then put on the regular serum on top. In that case I'll just switch up on days.

    In the case of moisturizers and creams, use it where you need it! Use the anti-acne on the t-zone, and the anti-aging on the dry/aging bits. No need to spread it all over just because you've only got one face. ;)
  3. Also, just to add, you mentioned your cleanser was too drying at times--this can actually make acne worse (especially when you're not a teenager anymore). A dermatologist told me a few years ago that under the oil parts of my skin produces, the skin itself is actually really dry, and the combination of the dry skin and the oil makes a kind of gross paste that clogs up the pores, so even though I think I have horrible, acne-prone oily skin, I really don't and shouldn't treat it as such. It's kind of a gut-reaction to clean the hell out of oily skin, but it can really exacerbate the problem.
  4. I also do the same. I got different face-cleansers, moisturizers, toners and also eyes creams.
  5. What type of anti acne cream is that??

    For me, since I just bought a special oil to remove the acne scars, I had to revamp my entire skin care routine too.

    the organic pharmacy rose hip oil
    dermalogica oil control lotion (10mins after)

    all my products are mixed brands too..